www.sixfigureyearly2012.com | Review Scam Or Real Deal?


This is the “New and Improved” 2012 edition of “Six Figure Yearly”. In this website it is just another typical “get Rich Overnight” syndrome. Follow his blueprint and he’ll have you making $1000-$3500 In only a few hours a day! YEAH RIGHT! I could maybe see earning $200 a day if you are an avid worker and work your buns off. But even to make that is quite a stretch for most. I mean are you doing the math here guys? These money claims are just too outrageous to even take seriously in that he’s basically leading you on to think you are going to become a millionaire like him. And the information is so very vague to what you’ll be doing. Just see what I mean below –

  • Set up your income accounts
  • Put everything you need together quickly. 
  • Access your money online or through any ATM machine or your Bank Account! 

And most of the rest of his bullet point are just like the one above. I mean he doesn’t tell you anything about what you’ll be doing. I mean you could be playing the lottery for all you know. You might as well be with this kind of garbage.

Oh then he goes to tell you he makes all this money but he’s not an internet guru he’s a real person! Okay. I think if you looked up guru online he would be there in the picture. That is if we even knew who this guy was.

Now I’ve never bought this particular program but I’m willing to bet it has everything to do with setting up a Google Adwords account which we all know is like playing the lottery. So for $70 I guess we can all be a millionaire. I think I’ve made my point.

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