www.netjobs4all.com Scam Review

Now we’ve received numerous complaints on this one. This it an India based company with very poor grammar on their website. They claim to be a free opportunity. However, like most that claim to be free there’s always a catch. You must refer up to 50 people before you can even participate in the program and even the workers who have done all the required work and finished their referrals still are reporting that they’re not getting paid.

Many are saying the advertising form is never being sent and all netjobs4u does is use their free offer in order to get your information like email and so forth to spam you and sell all their other products to you. They have been also linked to the other scam

sites listed below –







Final Conclusion

After doing further research I found many other several complaints about this company on the web and they all seem to be saying the same things. If you’re looking for something legitimate I advise you check out our Legitimate Job Section.

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