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I simply can’t believe that Data Entry Bucks is even still around. These sites amaze me in that they claim you will be making $500 a day! That is an outrageously ridiculous claim If I’ve ever heard one. They claim that all you have to do is fill out forms and you can make up to $100 per form.

Again I will say this, the program is not a scam per say, but the way it is presented in that any Joe Schmo will just join and make $500 a day is what is the lie. Programs like these are not going to make you $500 overnight and you may not even make anything. It all has to do with how good the training provided is and #2 how much time and effort you really put into the program.

Now I actually joined this company a few years back to see what they offered and what I can tell you is these people are selling an outdated website and members area that mainly directs you to pay for Google adwords and doesn’t really show you how to do anything of substance that will really work in this type of biz. They have not updated it in years. With this type of business, things change all the time. New tactics, new methods, new techniques are discovered and used, so it is dire for one to regularly update their members area. Apparently they don’t really care about their members, they just take  the money and run.

There are much better programs out there like this that do update their members area and give awesome support and training.

Those are the companies you need to be looking at instead. I wouldn’t pay a dime for this outdated information knowing what I know now.

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