Project Payday Scam | Find Out Why

Now I know a lot of you are curious about the program Project payday. I was too at one point. Now in order to join they give you a choice to either pay the one time fee or you can get the membership for free by signing up for one of their offers which I did just out of pure curiosity. Mind you they get paid a KILLING every time some one signs up for one of their offers (because of the amount of  people signing up) and in the meanwhile these companies now have your credit card information to charge whenever they like.

Now further getting into this program I discovered what it is really about. You basically get paid to scam companies. YES! You heard me right. To SCAM companies. What you do is you either sign up for multiple company offers with your credit card or you hire other people to do it and in exchange for signing up you get whatever it is the company offers. It could be movie tickets, it could be a $50 coupon to eat somewhere, and sometimes it might be cash. However, the deal is you are required to do this with multiple companies if you expect to make anything worth anything. Then they want you to make sure to cancel your offer before they charge your card. So if you are doing say 5 or 6 daily, you need to keep track of all these offers and make sure to cancel them or else you ended up losing money rather than making money. So in essence they want you to scam these companies by signing up to get a free gift then cancel your membership before your card gets charged. If this isn’t FRAUD I really don’t know what is.

Your other option is companies will also gift or pay you to bring them multiple sign ups. So for instance say, you go to the Sony website and they tell you if you get 11 people to sign up with them through their credit card, they will give you a certain gift or money.  So how you get these people to sign up is you go to their forum where they have a lot of people that for a certain amount of money will sign up with their card. Then you pay them $20 each or whatever it is you promised them to do it. Each person will then of course cancel their card and you still get the prize or money. It’s not only a grueling task but it sounds illegal to me.

Now I don’t like to use the word scams loosely but I just can’t see how this program is justified in it’s methods. I’m not saying you won’t make money. you will. However, I worked on this just to see how much money you can make and I can tell you it won’t be enough to pay any bills.

You might be lucky to make $20 or $30 extra dollars a month and that is with hours of grueling work ahead of you. Is it worth it? No not for me, No Thanks!

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