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a-mystery-shopping-serviceDid you know you can make good money as a mystery shopper? Many people find it hard to believe you can actually get paid to have fun going shopping or eating out at a great restaurant but it’s absolutely true. Many retailers hire people to do this because it actually makes them a lot of money in the long run. By hiring an everyday person to give their true opinion and to provide some constructive criticism can be critical and can mean the difference between a successful business and being “out of business”.

 How it Works

This can range from shopping at your local retail store to eating out at your favorite restaurant. The company will provide you with simple instructions on which places to shop or eat in your area and what to buy. It can be very specific down to which item to get on the menu. You will be instructed to watch for specific things and just basically provide your shopping experience as a regular consumer. Then you will be provided with a simple form to which you will fill out. Most people don’t realize how important it is to get an honest prospective from a consumer. It is much like doing surveys and is why online surveys is another business that has been around for so many years and still remains one of the most popular forms of making extra money from home to date.

How Will I Be Paid?become-a-mystery-shopper

With each company payments can certainly vary, however, the most common method of payment is either by paypal or check by mail.

Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams

Just like anything else there are most definitely scam artists out there using mystery shopping jobs to lure innocent victims in and getting their bank information so you need to be VERY careful to whom you sign up with. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) warns you about this, so it’s very important that you learn how to differentiate a scam from a REAL business opportunity. There are plenty of genuine offers out there on multiple subjects and categories in business but scammers use this fact to their advantage.anoscamsign

Never join a company that you found from a spam  email –  Remember: There’s a huge difference between a spammer sending you unsolicited emails and receiving emails you actually subscribed to. This means you asked this person specifically to send you more information on a particular product or service and it is permission-based. Some people don’t know the difference but there is a HUGE difference. It is not considered spam when it is requested. Many people are confused by this concept. Spam is an email that literally comes out of nowhere. It’s where you did not ask for information, do not know of the person nor have you ever visited their webpage.

Elite Mystery Shopper

ashopElite Mystery Shopper is a great place to find some excellent mystery shopping jobs in your area! Not only do you get paid for shopping you get to keep the things you buy for FREE! It doesn’t get any better than that. Imagine taking out a friend, a family member, your wife or husband or even just co worker to dinner. you can have a fun night of dining or a nice brunch and make money while you do it!



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