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Writing jobs have somehow seemed to have gotten buried and become unrecognised as the lucrative job it really is.  Writing jobs have become under-rated by many as being a good earning method, however, writing jobs are actually one of the best paying gigs out there today. There are an enormous amount of jobs literally overflowing for online article writers and marketers.  People often think of writing  jobs as something where you need to be an English major or have all sorts of specific degrees to get a job like that which is actually untrue. Nowadays you can get paid as an amateur typist, writing  about – just about any topic. Even if your spelling is not the best, all you need is “spell check” and that solves that problem.


Get-Cash-For-Surveys-systemNow whether you have experience or not you can still earn good money. It’s just a matter of which route you take because if you’re an inexperienced writer you are better off earning on commission if you expect to make it worth your while.  There are a lot of companies that will pay extremely high amounts per article if your writing talent and experience is intermediate or above. I’ve seen companies such as prestigious magazines that will pay $1000 per article. Now this alone should be a clear motivator for one to get into this field. The great thing about writing is the more you write, the more experience you get. You can get paid to learn as you go in this field. Even if you’ve never written a single line in your entire life you can start at the bottom and still get paid. There’s many places that have lower standards and guidelines. Although the money won’t be as great, money is money nevertheless.

Paid to Write In Blogs

There are many people/companies that will pay you to blog. If you have your own blog, you can receive money from various companies to post reviews about their business. So even an inexperienced blogger can still make a living opening up their own blog this way. All his or her writing content would be obtained from the subject the companies want you to write about. So for those of you that say “I don’t know what to write about,” that problem is solved.

There’s multiple ways to earn money from having your own blog and the wonderful thing about it is blogs are 100% free. However, not everyone desires to have a blog or do blogging, but having a blog can be beneficial in other ways such as using it solely for your portfolio. Every striving writer should have one.



    Can You Make Real Money Writing?


If you’re not a serious writer or never thought too much further into the subject you wouldn’t realize what a solid income this work can bring. As most people assume, it’s just good for a little extra side money. That’s not true at all. Many that did follow the correct procedures, created their professional portfolio and proceeded to do the steps necessary to further their writing career actually landed a steady writing job or some have landed a few regulars that want them to write for them on a consistent basis. For most, the goal is to get hired onto one specific company that pays a weekly based salary which like any other good job would include benefits. Unfortunately the average person wouldn’t even get that far as they give up within the first week or two. Just like any other high paying career, you have to pay your dues but it’s not as hard as most would think. The most important thing of all is to follow a precise plan. Many just jump right into it and apply to the first job they see and often will get disappointed. Because this is mistake number one. There are several things one needs to figure out and make important decisions on before applying anywhere. There’s preparations to be made. If these are not followed, one will seems extremely amateurish and unorganized to any company and this will cause you to not get hired – bottom line.


   Getting Scammed – Beware

ascam (1)

This is a common practice that is being done by even companies and they specifically prey on newbies. Educate yourself before jumping into this niche because this is one of the many reasons you will quit before you ever get started.

Okay, so it’s very common that a company will ask you to see your work before they decide to hire you. So this is the scam part – There are companies that will ask you to write them a 300-500 word article on the subject at hand. Could be anything. Then once they receive your newly written work they tell you – “sorry,” although we liked your writing, you just do not have the particulars that we are looking for. However, they now have a 300-500 word ORIGINAL article and they didn’t have to pay a dime!  They’ll do this to the next 100 applicants and they go on to sell your work and you’ll never know.


The Solution

NEVER, I mean NEVER submit a newly written article no matter what they say or request. What you do is you will make a file with your already pre-written articles which will be used for every job you apply to.  These companies need to be made aware of this so they won’t waste your time.

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