Most Trusted Data Entry, Ad Posting & Form Filling Website For India

formfillers is one of the most trusted form filling and ad posting data entry websites of 2014. Thus far, Shortcuts To Cash has over 20,000+ members and has had an extremely good reputation especially among the Indian Community. It is based in the USA and has an Indian Franchise office as well. offers legitimate Jobs to all countries around the globe including India, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Malasia, Nigeria, Africa, Usa, Canada Australia & More..


Earning Amounts


Shortcutstocash offer several different Job packages where you can earn up to $2500 USD per month and up to $10,000 per month as a Franchise owner. Once you are a registered member, you will be given access to their members area where you can access a page of assignments that have plenty of Jobs available 28 days a month.

How Can I Get Paid?

Shortcutstoacash offers several different payment options for their members. The payment options include Paypal, Direct Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Check By Mail. You have to earn at least $100 before you can request to be paid unless you choose paypal. If you wish to get paid by paypal, they will pay as soon as you receive your final report. There is no minimum earning amount for paypal payments.

How Do You Know Shortcuts To Cash Is NOT A Scam?

We ONLY promote and create articles on websites that have been THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED by our team. We have asked to allow us to access some of their private members area as well as speaking with several of their paid members. Every member we spoke with verified they had been paid for their work and had also mentioned that did not use false advertising to get them to join. When these people began the program , they said it was exactly as presented on the website and free newsletter. We also have received many emails and comments from members and have yet to come across anything negative about any of their programs.

How Can I Start or just find out further information About

To begin the program is quite easy. Simply click on the website page below , choose the program you want and complete registration. They will send you login to your email within 24 hours upon completed registration. If you would just like to find out further information, simply click below and make sure to visit their FAQS page along with many other informational pages from their website that supplies an enormous amount of useful information.