Writing Jobs Online Review 2015


Writing Jobs Online is a membership site that provides training for one who wants to create a successful home based business as a freelance writer. The information and jobs provided in this site is top notch info and for the amount of products, services and resources you get it’s honestly one of the better sites out there. I’ve actually had the privilege of working with the owner who owns Writing Jobs Online. I joined the program a few years ago so I have first hand knowledge that it’s a great program.

What Is Writing Jobs Online About?

 Writing Jobs Online provides 1000’s of jobs that will pay you to write content for them in various niches, so in a nutshell you get paid to promote other people’s products by writing articles and content. The writing categories range from money and employment, health and fitness products, vitamins, shopping sites, electronics and much more.. You’ll also be able to promote informational products through your writing like (eBooks, software, audio/video courses) for multiple streams of income.

The writing Jobs Online program  provides many pages of  job resources including tips, tricks and steps on how to become a successful content writer.

There are many additional earning avenues to this type of job where one can add multiple types of income and the great thing about it is you don’t have to rack your brain coming up with an internet business idea to sell and create on your own. You can completely benefit off of someone else’s home business creation simply by writing about it.


How Much Will I Make With This Job?

The amount of income one makes it completely dependent upon the amount of time and effort one puts into their work. Writing Jobs Online will help you set up your business profile and help you market yourself in order to land the best jobs available.


What If I Don’t Make Any Money With Writing Jobs Online?

As with any business you always run the risk of not making anything. However, I thought the same way when I first started and had the very same fears. But when I went ahead and registered with the program I was pleasantly surprised of how easy the program was and I made money fairly quickly just by following their program guidance and help emails. So what I will say to anyone wanting to get involved in a home based job is first of all, you cannot think like that. Starting out with negativity is not going to end in success and is not the right attitude for any business. Do you think when people go into real estate they say what if I don’t sell a house? Or do you think before subway became a franchise they said what if no ones buys our sandwiches? It’s just not something one should think when trying to succeed in any business. The fact is, MANY people are very successful with this type of work, reason being is they stuck it out – period. The one reason I see people fail online is solely because they quit before they ever got to see any real results. Then they end up going on forums and telling everyone it doesn’t work and ruin a lot of peoples mindset for starting their own online business endeavors. Think about that. I am your average 50 year young women with 2 daughters and an average person and I am doing extremely well doing this type of work.

Although there are direct paying jobs for content writing, I chose to write for commissions and have been making a great income ever since. Below is a screenshot of what my income looks like now after only a couple of years…


What You Get With The Writing Jobs Online Membership



Lists 100’s of REAL data entry jobs, customer service,secretarial, translators and more…

Work From Home Wizards has also included a free newsletter with more help and tools..


Writing Jobs Online in the real deal and is a complete in-depth instructional membership site that can turn a newbie into a successful entrepreneur in a short period of time. The average time it takes for one to reach a decent success level on their own without any type of help is 5 years minimum.
This site is a definite shortcut to making a living from home and possibly creating your own website down the line if wanted. Some people on the other hand have no interest in ever having or running a website but this program gives you those options which is great. They provide the tools for anyone to excel and get far past the newbie stage. It’s an excellent earning opportunity especially for single or stay at home moms, dads, Students, The Disabled, the unemployed or just for someone who wants to make extra money part time.

For more information on Writing Jobs Online you can visit their website directly…


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