“Why Should I Have to Pay to Work Online?” Find Out Why I Think You Should


“Why should I have to pay to work?” This is by far the most commonly stated and misconceived statement made online about working from home. First of all, let me just state this clearly. Working from home is a luxury, NOT a right. The ones who get to work at home, worked their tails off for years in order to be able to do that. Same as with anyone who gets a great job. Secondly, let us clarify, a lot of the opportunities you see online are usually not employers, as most online “Job opportunities” are not. Many times you’re considered an independent contractor, therefore, they do not take out or report taxes. You are responsible for that yourself. I agree that you normally are not expected to pay for a job in the outside world. However, I will say, you do spend about $600 a year on gas (minimally), normally have to pay for your uniform, shoes, supplies, daily meals, etc.. So that’s not exactly free either. But, it’s not an upfront fee, which is what people do not like. But, working from home is a whole new ballgame.

Most online work opportunities that charge a registration fee basically either teach you a trade, or just gives you a cut in line. It gets you immediate work without having to do hideous job searches (only to find out most EVERYTHING eventually charges online.) Many companies that offer work projects that run up administrative costs may come with a fee. They may be called a job, but for tradition sake, they are not. Most job opportunities do not ask for nearly any credentials, do not ask for social security numbers, do not ask for a resume, there’s no college degree required, there’s no 65 wpm (words per minute) typing speed and there’s no incredible grammatical skills required. Many are just small-based businesses, not some huge, rich corporation. Even a huge corporation would barely pay minimum wage to their workers and often happens.

Don’t Believe The Hype

Every forum I go into just makes me cringe when I see someone, once again, make the ridiculous statement that you should never have to pay for work online. Sorry guys, but I don’t agree. I will tell you 3 solid reasons for exactly why and who makes these statements online.

1. Many online newbies that have absolutely NO internet experience will say this. The majority of them do not know how the work world is online and have never made any money online. These people often assume (or read it on a forum) that there should never be any fees. This is because they compare it to the outside working world. These guys are still living in the stone age and just aren’t caught up on technology. Taking online money making advice from one of them is as wise as listening to someone in a forum tell you how to cure cancer.

2. Next is the Business forums such as scam.com. They often say, “You should never be charged to work.” This statement is also written on many other similar types of forums, which were created to make money – PERIOD. Scam.com like many other sites, make a lot of money telling this stuff to their readers because it (a) builds trust, (b) keeps you coming back, and (c) It’s their niche. These types of forums earn so much money off of statements like these because they earn from your visits and again, because it’s their niche. I’m not saying everything they say is untrue or that they are not helpful, I am only speaking on this particular subject at hand.

You didn’t know that free help forums make money? YES and lots of it! Scam.com is one of the biggest websites around and they, like many others, make their money off of YOUR visits through things like “Google AdSense” and paid ads. Same as talk shows, reality shows and other types of shows on television who make all their money through their commercial ads. These such forums also have people paying them enormous amounts of money to advertise their job ads. So don’t believe the hype!

3. Marketing gurus are another reason this statement is said. These guys are extremely smart and know how to twist things. There are many, many online marketers and business owners who simply use these statements as a lure. Reason being could be (a) It could simply be a competitor you came across during your search of looking for work. These marketers will make an ad or article talking about that company to rear their traffic back to them. Most do this to get your sale, of course. They will use statements like, “You should never have to pay for a job”, just to reel you in and create trust. Typically, this will follow with them telling you they have a great job program that is free, but 98% of the time, there will be a fee included somewhere down the line. That is how they make their money. Do not ever think any of these guys work for free, unless they are running a charity!

The bottom line is, charging a fee does NOT make a website a scam. But misleading you, not paying you or not giving you anything is. I would much rather a company just tell me straight forward that there’s a fee, rather than getting sucked in and then you are stuck. I have had this happen to me personally with many different types of businesses, not just working from home.

My Conclusion

Next time you see something you like online that comes with a fee, just do your research on that program to make sure they are really paying people and providing the work they are promising. Do not automatically assume it is a scam. This is how I started online, I paid for knowledge and it lead me down a great path to success.




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  • laura Jenkens

    I really enjoy your blog and I didn’t see it that way. Well put Kelly! I am a fond reader.


  • I run my own business and I can’t agree with you more. The only reason I am successful is from paying for different informational programs. You are a very smart women Kelly.



  • I want this job!

  • Nicely written!

  • Where can i find more on this job? i didnt see a link.

  • I always ennjoy reading your stuff Kelly. Thanks again for the new job list.

  • I see you share interesting stuff here, thank you for sharing this with us! Brenton

  • I completely agree on this subject. I am probably the lower half o the world or the smaller percentage that does not mind paying for work. I am eager to learn and I know making money in any field is not free and never will be. If I wanted to be a chiropractor and make that type of money I would have to pay for a good 6 years of college. Many people think just as you say, but some of us do understand that you have to earn your place online, to be able to work in the comfort of your own home!


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