Why I Do Not Recommend My Data Team – Full Review

My Data Team owned and run my Timothy Darwin is a program I previously purchased  and I can honestly say I was not at all impressed. As a matter of fact I found the members area to be very confusing and it seemed that most of the so-called video training they provide was just a guy re-reading the same paragraph that was right in front of you. They had an offer for article typists and that section literally was like a merry go round that just leads you in circles. I had a hard time finding the actual jobs, the several paragraphs just keep talking about how you can do articles but finding the actual work is almost impossible.

I found the entire my data team offer to be confusing with a lot more talk then giving any real information. It was like reading an article on how you can make money in different ways but never giving you any useful tips or information. Most of the tools they give in the typing area anyone can get online for free as I already had most of them. Now of course I don’t think their necessarily a scam, but they claim you can make up to $2000 per day which is just ridiculous. Their training area is so basic and doesn’t provide you with anything you can’t get for free on your own. When I emailed their support team I got an email days later and all they kept doing is sending you back to the members area. After the 3rd email they stopped replying altogether and I ultimately gave up on the program.

Unfortunately when I bought my data team I hadn’t done any prior research on them only later to find out at that time they had MASS complaints on Google and the web which literally was page after page. I heard from an “inside source” they had paid a company like Reputation.com to clean up their complaints. This company is known for taking all the bad comments off the web for a fee.

My data team does say they issue refunds if you’re not happy but I thought not to ask. Anyways I seen a lot of complaints about them not honoring their refund policy on Ripp Off Report.”

Final recommendation

I do NOT recommend My-Data-Team.com. Their program gives no real useful  information and they do not give the support they say they do nor do they honor their refund policy. There are many other better programs out there for the same price which I list throughout my blog.

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