Why Are Ad Posting Businesses Commonly Tagged as Scam Offers?


Ad posting jobs have been an extremely popular and preferred method of earning money for over a decade now. About 9 years ago there was literally a surge of ad posting opportunities flooding the world wide web and everyone wanted to get involved. The problem was, it became so competitive among the business owners that it literally got shut down, starting with places promoting them like Clickbank and later spilled into Google search where many businesses were removed. The remaining were eaten up by “Black Hat” gurus trying to get the leftover spillage of traffic to their blogs by maiming their reputation. Therefore the entire thing went basically instinct by the year 2012. Many businesses suffered and business owners went broke. Not to mention the people who loved these jobs no longer could find them.

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So the question is, do they still exist?

Yes they do. What’s changed? Well the other half that survived simply reopened under a different domain name and  different keyword searches and are slowly creeping back up into the mainstream. These are highly requested job types that have managed to remain “Underground”. Reason being is many work from home business owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers target these businesses because they are so extremely competitive. The only way to beat these rival businesses is to tell the public that ad posting job offers are all scams and write negative reviews. This in turn drives the “would be” traffic back to the competing site. This has been going on now for many years. But I am here to tell you that ad posting jobs do still exist and are fighting to keep their place on the web.


How Can We Keep These Jobs Available Without Being Further Targeted?

We need to continue to to voice the benefits of these jobs and the members who are being paid need to speak up and make it a priority to let everyone know. The problem is most people only like to post things on the web when they are complaints. A complaint has a 99.9% more chance getting posted online than a praise does. If we can make an effort to keep our neighbors informed of good money making opportunities with more validity to back it up we will not only be helping ourselves we will be helping each other.


How Can We Make Posts Without Seeming Like An Ad?

When posting things such as a payment proof or testimonial, you should have it come from a validated account such as a verified facebook page, Google page or youtube channel. These three things would be a great start.Together as a community we can make an effort to provide honest information that the greedy affiliate marketers, bloggers, and business owners can’t destroy.


The internet has been taken over by greed and nowadays it’s next to impossible to find any credible information on how to truly make money from home. Let’s work together to take our internet back. Be smart enough to read the signs and red flags. It’s not that hard to see when someone’s is feeding you garbage to make a buck. The internet is supposed to be for informational purposes, not to tear eachother down.



Red Flag  #1


1. Beware of blogs that write a negative review on site only to promote their own offer.


What to Look For 


1. Affiliate links under a bad review

2. A Pop Up Ad Under a bad Review.

3. Any attempt to make you think a business is a scam only to sell you their offer.


An honest review would not do this. A REAL review site or blog will NEVER have ads under them trying to get you to sign up for their offer instead.This is the most common marketing method in the world and the oldest trick in the book. Marketers have been using this tactic for many years and apparently it still works!


(My blog is dedicated to letting you know about REAL Money Making Opportunities ONLY. I am NOT here to ruin another business for promotional tactics)


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