Wealthyaffiliate.com – Why You Should Not Join


Wealthy Affiliate Facts


For those of you who are not familiar with Wealthy Affiliate it is a full training center for affiliate marketing…

Affiliate Marketing Definition: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.


Wealthy Affiliate offers it’s members mentoring one on one, free web hosting, WordPress Express, tutorials, website how to’s and landing pages, case studies,and many more marketing tools.


Many people do like the wealthy affiliate because it offers a lot of information on how to make money through affiliate marketing by driving customers to a particular website through various advertising methods. They provide all online tools and resources regarding information on online marketing. However, for a beginner this can be quite a circus and very confusing. It’s not something I would recommend if you have no prior experience in this field. It’s a lot of “information overload.” It would be much like sending a kindergartener to college. Not only that but the price is quite steep and is on a month to month basis so until you are actually making some money, I definitely would hold off on the wealthy affiliate membership.

A Great Alternative Program To Wealthy Affiliate Less The Wealthy Price Tag!


Although the two programs are presented in a completely different light, Make-N-Dollars is a great alternative to wealthy affiliate and actually offers many of the same tools, information and resources that wealthy affiliate does in a much more short and simplified manner. However, besides the difference in the website and program introductions – the real big difference is Make-N-Dollars is condensed into a shorter more to the point version of the program that’s really geared towards the newbie. There’s not 1000 pages to go through, 500 articles and mass reading involved.


Make n dollars literally starts you off with simple, direct step-by-step very easy to understand instructions. It’s really a beginners easy to follow guide to affiliate marketing much like the holy bible for children. You don’t go from junior high to med school so why would you go to an advanced training course when you haven’t any prior experience in the field? It just doesn’t make any sense.  An even better reason is the price!


The wealthy affiliate charges month to month to use their training tools and access the members area. Make n dollars has a one time ONLY fee and the membership and members area access is for a lifetime with no additional or hidden fees. If you’re dead set on joining wealthy affiliate my advice would be to start off with the less expensive program, learn what you need and get a feel for the job. Then after you start making some money, maybe you can upgrade to wealthy affiliate. It makes the most sense and is the best way to go. However, I’m willing to wager after you’ve already joined Make-n-dollars and begin, you won’t even need wealthy affiliate because it covers the same information and provides the same tools and resources needed to be successful.




Make-N-Dollars   (-VS-)  Wealthy Affiliate

One Time fee of $49.95                $47 /$97  PER MONTH
Monthly Newsletter                               Monthly Newsletter
instructional tutorials                           instructional tutorials
Link Cloaking Tool                                  Link Cloaking tool
Article Submitter                                    Article Submitter
Form Filling software                            Form Filling software
PPC Video Training                                PPC Video Training
PPC FREE Credits                                    PPC FREE Credits
Personal coaching                                  Personal coaching
E book Business Tips                              E book Business Tips
Additional Jobs Database                    Additional Jobs Database
Free Website Builder                              Free Website Builder
There are many more tools, information and a newsletter where that came from that they both offer so here you get the idea. It’s up to you of course, but for me the clear choice is Make-N-Dollars if your wallet is light.

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