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Before you seek out a career in transcription, just be aware that you must have the experience to do so for that particular field. Many people have the idea that simply because they can type on the computer and have decent grammatical skills and are maybe organized that they can fulfill the desired position. This in fact is unfortunately not the case. Transcribe anywhere will make sure you learn all the ins and outs of transcription so you can become a successful transcriber…

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Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcription services provided for company’s healthcare providers. Takes Online Employment and Skills Assessment tests.
You need to have been employed for at least 5 years in the Medical Transcriptionist field and have at least 2 years MT experience.
Also required is 256 MB RAM or higher, MS Word 2000 or higher (prefer Windows XP Pro), DSL/Cable internet connections, 500 MB free hard drive space.

 Medical Transcriptionist

Currently accepting applications for future opportunities. Requirements: Must have Word, wavplayer/foot pedal and high-speed internet.

 Trusted Translations

Translators needed-
Most documents will be English to Spanish, but there are many other languages available as well.

 TransPerfect Translations

Position: Freelance Linguist
Needed to translate various business documents and other types of paperwork.

 101 Translations

Performing translations for various documents.

 Medical Transcriptionists

Telecommuting opportunities offered for MT’s. Need at least 2 years of transcribing experience of multi-specialty medical reports or a graduate of a Medical Transcription Program.

 Medical Language Specialists

Medical Language Specialists needed for this opportunity. Experience required.

 Be Translated

Position: Freelance Translator and Proofreaders.
Translating documents, website, and various other files. Knowledge of HTML a plus

 Language Translation

Position: Translator and/or telephonic interpreter
Description: translating business, academic, or government documents.  And/or doing customer service and other interpretation over the phone.

 Translation Services USA

Translating various documents, websites, video games, etc.
Job requirements:
Translation experience needed.
knowledge of adobe products, MS office and TM tools

 Medical Transcriptionists

With this you can work from home and set your own schedule. Needs individuals to provide medical transcription services for the company’s various healthcare providers. Must have at least 5 years transcription experience.
Offers production and quality incentives.

 Pearl Linguistics

Position: Translator
Needed to translate various types of documents including general, medical, websites and more.  Translators are expected to work only in their first language. PC and a printer are required.

 Accurate Typing Services

ATS Subcontractor.  Needed to transcribe various medical audio files.  Bonus programs included for at home subcontractors.
Job requirements:
excellent grammar
Excellent spelling

 Medical Transcriptionists

Welcomes correspondence from experienced medical transcriptionists interested in joining their team.

 Win Translation

Translator Job.
Description: Translating various projects, including business cards, medical, websites, and more
must be a native speaker of the language that you translate into
must be skilled in a translation memory application such as Trados of Deja vu
You might be required to pass the Win Translation test in order to qualify.

Medical Transcriptionists

Will provide transcription services for the company’s various healthcare professionals. Services range from Allergy/Immunology to Urology.
2 years experience minimum, home computer with Windows 98 or higher, high speed internet connection (DSL/Cable). Excellent knowledge of medical terminology, ability to translate abbreviations, different accents, and more. Excellent knowledge of the English language (grammar, punctuation, etc.

 Mass Transcription

Transcriptionist and Transcriber.  Transcribing various types of files (no medical files)
•General transcription – $3.00 per page
•Transcription with high technical/highly specialized content – not more than $4.30 per page
•Transcription with poor audio – not more than $4.30 per page
•Transcription services with a non-standard turnaround time – Varies. Contact us with your specific needs for rate.
•Legal Transcription: Please contact with your specific needs for rate.
Recording Services:
•Recording – $30.00 per hour plus travel time and expenses (for non-local jobs)
Secretarial Services:
•Secretarial typing services and projects – varies widely per project (see Contact page for a quote within 24 hrs.)


Translator and/or proofreader needed.
job description: Translating and/or proofreading various projects and documents.
a copy of Trados 5 freelance or better
Need commercial environment experience in translation for a minimum of 5 years
A university degree is needed and 2 years translation experience.

 Medical, Legal, & Business Transcriptionists

Spanish-to-English Translation Transcriptionists

This transcription service has career opportunities posted for Transcriptionists. A minimum of 3 years experience needed –  Independent Contractor status.

 House of Translation

Freelance Translators
Would rather translators who are accredited by language associations.

 Language Line

Translator and/or Interpreter
Job Description: Translating documents, over the phone interpreting


QuickTate Typist/Transcriber wanted. Get paid to transcribe short voice mails, personal notes, etc into texts.
High speed Internet
Computer with a sound card
Yahoo Instant Messenger
QuickTime Player


Many different positions available.  Includes verbatim transcriptionist, medical transcriptionist, foreign language transcriptionist, summary writer, medical summary writer, translator, interpreter, audio technician, audience response technician.

Medical Transcriptionists

At least 2 years experience required as a transcriptionist.
Must pass the tests to determine your level of accuracy, medical terminology, listening skills, grammar/style/punctuation and general competency.


Provide transcription services to the company’s various healthcare providers. Minimum education level of associate degree or equivalent in work experience and continuing education.
Certified medical transcriptionist (CMT) status preferred.

 Medical Transcriptionists/Hospital

Company’s various healthcare providers need transcriptionist. Applicants must pass online employment and skills tests.
Must have Medrite, Winscribe, high speed internet connection.

 Medical Transcriptionists

Medical (radiology) transcription services needed for the company’s healthcare providers. Requirements:
7 years experience minimum in radiology transcription required, 98% accurate, Windows (no Vista), Microsoft Word, Stedmans Spellcheck & Radiology Words Book, (Fifth Edition)plus unlimited long distance for Lanier (analog-not digital service).

 Medical Transcriptionist

Needed to Interpret and transcribe dictation by physicians and other healthcare professionals. At least two years experience required.

 Medical Transcriptionist or Medical Content Specialist

Quality Medical Transcriptionists and Medical Content Specialists needed. Generous Incentive Pay and Excellent Benefits Packages.

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