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If you’re someone who finds gift giving an important ritual for friends, family members or even coworkers, here are some great ideas that will save you quite a few bucks. Gift giving is a great way to show love and appreciation to others close to you. However, we all know how giving gifts year round can get pretty expensive. Although Christmas just passed, we all realize that there are always other Holidays and events right around the corner. Notice how family members and friends Birthdays always seem to be one right after the other? Yup! That’s the way it works. Besides all that and your other traditional holidays, you still have occasions such as Weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Graduation, Baby Showers and the list goes on and on… It can cost a pretty penny each year just buying gifts alone.


If you’re frugal like I am, I like my deals, my coupons and my discounts. I especially love when I find offers online such as free surveys that offer you a chance to win a prize. It can be from a simple dinner for two all the way up to a $1000 shopping spree. Now, of course there’s not any guarantee that you’ll even win anything at all when doing these kind of surveys. However, I look at it like this, It’s a small amount of my time to invest and the more offers I fill out, the higher the chances that I win something. Or, you can always keep some of the stuff too. Either way there are some pretty amazing gifts and gift cards I’ve collected over the years and it’s saved me so much money on gifts.


Here are some simple survey sites i’ve gathered for you below that offer amazing gifts and prizes. Just remember to be realistic. These are not guaranteed winnings or prizes but it’s easy, free and you have absolutely NOTHING to lose.


Before you begin you may want to open a separate email address to use specifically for offers or use an alternative email address that you rarely use.This way you can label them and keep track of each site and offer. If you are not interested in gift prize surveys and only want CASH then go to my other survey page HERE.

Online Surveys – Enter to Win Programs Below

 Keep in Mind these are not the only offers. Each survey place has additional offers such as potential prizes in cash, gift cards, coupons & more…


  1. $1,500 K-Mart Gift Card (Enter to Win) This one’s easy. Just click on the START button and go to the OFFER PAGE. Enter your email address and hit “CONTINUE” button to get started. Follow the simple instructions to complete your entry.
  2. $3500 Disney Cruise (Survey) Must be 18 or older and a US resident. Offer Ends 3/31/2015.
  3. Kohls $100 Gift Card Giveaway (Survey) Fill out survey to enter. Must be 18 or older and US resident.
  4. ChoiceSurveyGroup $500 eBay Gift Card (Survey)
  5. $100 Sam’s Club Gift Card Giveaway (US) (Survey) Must be 18 or older. 
  6. Rite Aid $100 Gift Card Giveaway (Survey) Must be 18 and a US resident. This one has a $5 signup bonus and has a lot of additional offers such as cash prizes, contests, cheap stuff, games, sweepstakes, and more…
  7. Best Buy $100 Giveaway (Survey) Must be 18 or older and a US Resident.
  8. Adidas $100 Gift Card Giveaway – (Survey) $5 Sign up Bonus. Must be 18 or older and a US Resident. Includes cash prizes, contests, cheap stuff, games, sweepstakes, and more…
  9. TJ Maxx $100 Giveaway (Short Survey) Must be 18 or older and a US Resident. Includes possible cash prizes, contests, cheap stuff, games, sweepstakes, and more...
  10. $100 Costco Gift Card Giveaway (Survey) Must be 18 or older and a US Resident.Additional offers apply.
  11. Disney $100 Gift Card Giveaway (Survey) $5 signup bonus. Must live in the US and be 18 or older. Additional offers apply.
  12. $100 Dollar General Gift Card Giveaway  – (Short survey) $5 Signup bonus. Must be 18 or older and US resident. Also get exclusive discounts & freebies.
  13. $100 1-800-Flowers Gift Card(Survey) $5 signup bonus. Must be 18 or older and US resident. 
  14. Walgreens $100 Giveaway – (Survey) Us resident, must be 18 or older. Additional offers apply. 
  15. Amazon $100 Giftcard Giveaway (Survey) $5 signup bonus. Must live in the US and be 18 or older.
  16. Red Lobster $100 Sweepstakes (Survey) 18 or older, US resident. $5 Signup bonus.
  17. Subway Email Submit  (Short survey) Enter your email and follow the instructions.
  18. $100 Starbucks Gift Club Card(Short survey) Enter to win. Must be 18 or older and US resident. $5 signup bonus. Other rewards apply.
  19. CellPhoneRewardApple iPhone 6S  – Add your email and follow instructions. 



Here’s another Interesting Website Called Swappable


If you want to buy someone a gift card, this is the place to get it. You will save a lot of cash and get some cool deals here.



Swappable is a new and interesting program that sells and trades all sorts of gift cards. Just for signing up you get $5 off your choice of any gift card. When you buy from swappable you also earn Swappable Reward Dollars. This means when you buy a $25 gift card you get $1 off, $50 gift card – you get $2 off, $100 gift card is $3 off and so on…


Swappable has a cashback reward system that is generated through each purchase you make. This is a smart way to get cash back on your gift card purchases. You can get all kinds of gift cards such as Amazon, Target, Ebay and so forth.. It’s also great for when you buy a gift card for someone and say  maybe they wanted a different type of card instead, they can always switch that card out at swappable for any other card they want. Swappable also has an app you can download on your android, so if you forget your gift card at home, no problem! It makes it really convenient when your in the stores shopping.


Hint: You get the best discount if you start out with the $25 discount card.


Visit Swappable here





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