Real Hourly Paying Data Entry Jobs

jobs-with-no-startup-feesThe majority of people who are new online often seem to go after anything involving data entry. That’s the first thing I searched for as well. We like data entry because it’s seems so easy to do! Unfortunately, this is not really the case. As a matter of fact it’s quite the opposite. Although REAL data entry is very hard to come across these days It actually does exist.

Below I have shared some links with you of some well known legitimate data entry jobs that you can apply for.

If you’re familiar with my blog you may have already come across many of these companies. Below I have listed some links to verified data entry companies and  some additional reliable job search sites that will provide some basic information on data entry jobs and what they really entail.

The Truth About Data Entry & What is Involved

Depending on who you’re working for, each job may vary, however, generally you are just transferring data from one source to another. In most cases, you’ll be looking at the specified data which could either be on paper or simply on a computer screen. Your job usually will be simply typing information into a form or  a spreadsheet. It may very well sound very fun and simple to do but it can actually be extremely tedious and time consuming. Not everyone is cut out for this type of data entry or any kind for that matter as most data entry whether traditional or non-traditional is usually a lot of repetitive work.

Earning Potential With Data Entry

It is pretty well known that data entry of this sort does not pay well when you are hired to work from home. Minimum wage or less is pretty common. There are much Greater paying Opportunities below if you are interested in that instead).

Data Entry & What Skills Are Needed

The first rule of thumb that most people do not realize is no professional data entry company will hire you to do data entry work without requiring many things. They will first want to test your skills, so be aware and also prepare yourself to be thoroughly tested. Fast typing skills are one the first requirements as well as being an accurate typist. If you do not have these skills you can always work on them. Typing Web has an adequate speed and accuracy tool you can use to practice.

Equipment Needed For Data Entry

If you don’t have equipment already, most places will require you to have equipment. You’ll need to make sure your computer is up-to-date and that you have high speed internet. Be prepared that some of the businesses will require that you use dual monitors.


Number 1 First Place to Search if You’re Looking for Data Entry & Home Typing jobs


Real Virtual Data Entry Companies

This is 100 percent virtual data entry work below

How To Apply for Great American Opportunities?

Great American Opportunity is all about fundraising and is often referred to as GAO. It is not publicized on what they pay but I’ve heard it is around $10 per hour. To apply simply send and Email and let them know that you are serious about working with them doing data entry work from home. Make sure to include your full name, address and phone number. Good luck!!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately most of these companies do not hire you right away. You are usually put on some type of waiting list and it could be a minimum of 6 months before you even hear anything so be patient. Some business such as “Great American” will only offer work on a seasonal basis so you should apply towards late December / early January. Axion and Dion rarely ever hire anyone and you’ll be lucky to catch a break with Sigtracker. Virtual Bee much like sigtracker hires occasionally, but the pay is very low — many people have made the statement that it’s not even worth their time.

I will add more as soon as I come across any so keep checking my blog.

Small Task Data Entry Jobs

These business occasional offer small/ short term jobs.

Local Data Entry

occasionally there is data entry work from home where you will be asked to meet up in person with the company rep.  You also may be asked to engage in training prior to working from home.

Freelance Bidding – Data Entry From Home

There is data entry work available here off and on quite a bit. Just remember, you are not going to make a bundle with these jobs as they pay pretty shabbily. However, once in a blue moon you may get lucky and come across a high paying data entry job.

Before you bid on jobs with freelance work beware. Freelance jobs can sometimes be shady as there are scams in every type of business. Also be aware that these jobs can be extremely difficult to learn so be prepared to be on your toes!

Search Job Boards

Once in awhile you’ll find work from home data entry jobs when you visit well known job boards. Checking them on a daily basis is recommended for best results.

  • Indeed – Check carefully for work from home here. You will rarely find scams with Indeed as they are pretty thorough about catching scams.
  • Apploi Jobs –  Apploi job search is great for your iphone or your ipad. It’s is a great tool for searching out jobs and It’s really simple to navigate.
  • Beyond Jobs – Again, this is another legit site but doesn’t mean you won’t ever find a scam or two so just be on your toes. Some jobs are not from home so pay attention to the listings.
  • ZipRecruiter – This is one of the most respected Job boards. Includes 1000 of top jobs included from Monster jobs database.
  • Apply for Customer Service Jobs on Snagajob Whether it’s customer service jobs, health care, data entry or a walmart job, Snagajob has the best! They post thousands of part-time, full-time hourly jobs. The turnover of these jobs are frequent, however, you will find a steady stream of new opportunities each time you visit the site.

Is data entry Really for you?

transcription work from home is also another option to data entry and may very well be a better choice for you if you are having doubts. It is very similar to data entry but the only real difference is you are typing things you hear rather than things you read.

Here is a list of some good transcription jobs you may want to look at – Transcription Jobs

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