Real Data Entry Jobs



Real Data Entry Jobs (No fees)

98998Data entry does require experience, grammar and at least entry level typing skills, so if you don’t have any of those you may want to brush up on those skills prior to applying. Data entry is a very competitive field so it’s wise to be well prepared. Make sure you have any tools needed for the job already and a professionally prepared resume…






List of Transcriptions Jobs You can do From

aaadataentryNow just I explained about real data entry jobs transcription jobs require experience. Some may or may not ask you for a college background as well as about a 65 wpm typing speed. Any equipment needed for these jobs will be listed with the ad. Now applying for any online jobs involving typing may have a long waiting period before you get hired. It’s best to apply to as many as you can so your chances are higher and the wait is shorter. I have gathered a list of free transcription jobs that you can apply to now…








Medical Transcription & Translation &
Telecommuting Jobs, Proof Readers (no fees)

aa98998Translators and proofreaders needed for some positions. Need to speak spanish/English fluently. Jobs include translating documents. Transcribers need at least 2 years experience. Medical transcription included. Must have a printer and word. Make sure to read each description thoroughly and to have everything required before submitting your resume.








 Make Money With Legitimate Customer
Service Jobs

aaaub_customerServiceCustomer service, phone reps and receptionist jobs. Some require up to 10 years experience. Must provide an efficient resume. Make sure to read each description clearly and follow the rules. Some places only apply by email so do NOT call if they ask you not to. Pays from $7 per hour and up.









Web Designers, Graphic Designers and
Programmers & Virtual Assistants

aawebDesignerMust have a minimum of 2 years experience. Should have the following skills in CGI Scripting,Flash, 3D, JavaScript and Web Server… Virtual assistants should have experience in bookkeeping, record keeping and tax filing, audits, web maintenance and filing. Also includes positions for freelance writers and creative writers.








Human Resource Jobs Available

aaaaaHuman-Resources APPLICATIONThese are highly competitive jobs so make sure you’re on your ‘A’ game and be patient once you submit your resume. also submit to many different places for best results. Just like the rest of these jobs you will need typing speed and your own computer devices and software as well as a minimal typing speed and good grammar skills. good luck!








Clerical Jobs
A friendly secretary/telephone operator in an office environment.

A friendly secretary/telephone operator in an office environment.

All clerical jobs are pretty similar. You will need a working computer (Windows XP) with high speed cable or DSL internet. Great communication skills including written and verbal. A minimum of a high school diploma (a GED will do for most). Your typing speed must be up to par along with your grammar skills. You should be familiar with word and excel.