Ad Posting Jobs That Really Pay & Ones to Avoid

For many years, Ad posting Job Sites have been regarded as nothing more than scammers just trying to get your entry fee and for the majority of these sites, that is true. However, through my intense investigating and based on my own personal experience I have found that there are actually some out there who actually do pay you. Yes! I said it. There are actual Ad Posting Job sites that do pay you for your hard work. Of course jobs like this come with a price. And that price is called a registration fee. Now in the very beginning of learning about these programs, I could not understand why there was a fee. I was taken back by that which I think most people are and that is an issue for some. But soon after realizing why the fee. I had to put myself in there actual shoes.


Now the first fact is that most people associate this work as being an affiliate. Now most people know that you can almost always be an affiliate for any company and it’s free. However, the downside of that is you won’t get paid for the ads you post. You will only get paid for any sales your ad generates for that company. Also, affiliate marketing usually does not provide step by step training, support and a members area. Affiliate programs also do not have to grade thousands of assignments. So I did the math. The company has to train their members and grading 1 report would probably take from 1 to 2 hours to do so multiply that by the hundreds. They also have to update assignments each month, keep their classified list up to date and have additional costs in tracking software among other things. So from that standpoint, I think it’s worth the one time fee in order to get paid for my work.


 Ad Posting Jobs to Avoid

There are hundreds of ad posting sites out there that I have found through my research. Running searches on a lot of them usually return with disappointing results. What I realized is that out of the hundreds of sites out there, a lot of these sites are affiliated with 1 individual. One of the individuals I continued to come across was RACKSPACE OUTSOURCING. This person I believe runs his business out of India but uses a fake New York address. Now most online jobs of any kind tend to always have a few complaints and in my experience means nothing. You can run a search on basically any company and you will discover complaints. But what caught my eye with this company is that the complaints were all nearly identical. How does hundreds of people complain about the exact same thing if it’s not true? These complaints are specific in telling us that they use some fake, automated earning counter and every time they log out of their members page their earnings go back to zero and they never get paid. This was not one or two people, I found HUNDREDS of these complaints on this company. So at all costs AVOID this person. Sites they are affiliated with below


Ad Posting Jobs That Pay

This program is the one I personally like the best because it’s more simple than some of their other ad posting programs.

Research reveals credible payment proof submitted by actual members via youtube and several posts including paychecks, Western union receipts & Paypal. I have watched a video submitted by a member who showed an actual Western union Receipt from their sister site “shortcuts to cash” for $600 USD. I tried to analyze every which way, trying to see if he could of faked this, but there was just no way. This member also showed multiple other western unions payment proofs for large sums of income which speaks for the legitimacy of these website owners including Sari Balhi and Thomas Foley.

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