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Ad posting, form filling and other many non traditional types of data entry jobs have been around for quite a long time,however, the unfortunate fact is many greedy people have solely created these types of businesses as scams or lures to get your money and many never offer any real job behind it. The good news is since the rising of awareness for these jobs and the great recognition they are getting for their pure potential has made many business owners want to take over and clean these jobs up to make them legit. This has created a lot more trust worthy opportunities for 2014 regarding online data entry. At one time data entry was at an all time high and literally took over the internet because it was in such high demand, but many scam artists and dishonest people created copy cat businesses just to rip you off and never provided any real job. It was about 2011 that all data entry jobs had fallen off the charts, but now thanks to some honest business men and women who have picked up on the business, have taken interest in making it a real opportunity. Tom foley and Sari Balhi are a perfect example of this. They have taken a business that is highly risky and regarded as a scam to many from past experiences and has worked very hard to rebuild the reputation of these businesses. See, what you have to remember is, a scammer is a scammer. It’s not the business they own, if they are a scammer they will do it any way they can. There are a lot of buyers who are big time scammers that make a habit out of buying different types of online digital products and then doing false chargebacks just to obtain freebies. So in truth, the business owners are not the only ones who are scamming people. they have become victims as well.



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Shortcuts To Cash, Typing At Home and are all verified and legitimate ad posting companies that fall from the Work From home wizards website tree. I recommended these websites to anyone who wants to earn extra money from home. The actual business itself is legally registered under the State of California as a REAL  entity and does offer home work to pretty much any country (Not just the US). Most of the Job packages are the same on each site, but a couple of them have additional packages that the other may not (See below). If you want, you may want to check out each site and see which package best suits you.

 See The few Different Job Packages  Has form filling/ Basic Typist Pack  Has mini combo typist (3 Job packages in one)


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  • does it work for nigerians too

    • Yes it does but the only problem is most Nigerians have a hard time paying for registration. Usually they would have to borrow a friends paypal or something. But I hear that paypal is beginning to allow Nigerians back into paypal again. You should look into it if you have not already.


  • Sir I am so very glad to finally see real site that give us real genuine opportunty to werk.i am from India and I very interest to fetch ad posting job.

  • Is it possible to earn money thru Western Union?

    • Hello Carmina. Yes, absolutely. This particular company pays through western union as well as several other means of payments such as diret transfer, paypal and check by mail.


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