List Of Real Online Transcription & Data Entry Jobs

Real Data Entry Job Facts

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By: Kelly Watson

Many people think that all they need is a decent typing speed and some average grammatical skills and they will be able to land a professional data entry job from home. Let me just tell you, data entry and transcription jobs from home are highly competitive. Only a few that want this type of job may qualify. The ones that do must be prepared to possibly be put on a waiting list (Up to 6 months typically). However, the ones that do end up landing a job in this field can make a really good living from home. If you can obtain a position in Data entry, you can make a full time income. Non traditional data entry is of course the alternative route to take if you feel your qualifications are not up to par or in the meantime if waiting.

If you are still interested in finding a real data entry or transcription job, just view our “approved” list of Data Entry Jobs below.


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  1. TDEC
  2. Driver Guide
  3. Axion Data
  4. SwagBucks
  5. Reed Technology
  6. Palm Coast Data
  7. Reed Technology
  8. Virtual Bee


  1. Transcribe Anywhere
  2. Accutran Global
  3. Absolute Docs
  4. MedQuist
  5. eTranscription Solutions
  6. Dict8 – Based In the UK
  7. Quicktate
  8. Tiger Fish
  9. Caption Colorado
  10. Morningside Partners
  11. Amphion Medical
  12. Oracle Transcription
  13. Find Nursing Schools



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