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surveycheck By  icon-angle-double-right Kelly Watson This is my official review for Get Cash For Surveys site. If you want to view it, click here.

Hello, My name is Kelly, and as you know I am pretty excited about trying different types of online jobs. You probably have read one of my articles on ad posting, but that’s not all I do. I am a stay at home mom, however, my kids are grown (LoL) so I do have a lot of extra time on my hands. You know how it is when your kids are in their teenage years, they really have their own lives. My daughter is about to graduate now and she has a boyfriend and is pretty active with her life and friends, so I decided to spend all my time online. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to make extra money. Especially when you are trying to put your daughter through college soon. 

So here we go, As many other programs, I recently purchased a hot survey program called Get Cash For Surveys which is authored by a Gary Mitchell.  Now, I have dabbled a bit in online surveys here and there, but nothing serious until now. So, I decided to purchase this program and see what it’s all about. It’s basically a guide that teaches us how to properly take online surveys and earn some good cash doing it. Of course, this is not my sole income and I wouldn’t have expected it to be, but it has been an excellent extra  help for earning additional money, after I get done with my ad posting stuff. I make pretty decent money ad posting, but I’m always in the market for extra money and I’m kind of a workaholic. I used to be in real estate years ago and so I know what good money is. I just would rather stay at home with my daughters, although one is grown and the other is almost grown (Senior in high school). I so miss when they were little babies. Anyways, so I’ll tell you the basics about this program.

How Does Get Cash For Surveys Work?

Sadly, many people who aren’t familiar with online business opportunities in general, and those types of people usually automatically will throw this program in the scam bin, because they do not understand the concept of the whole thing. So I will go ahead and explain it the best I can. If you do your research, you will find a large amount of smaller companies who actually spend a lot of cash on marketing research. Most of that research comes in the form of a survey. Unless you are or ever have been a business owner, you wouldn’t really understand that it is almost impossible to get anyone to do anything online for free these days. So, you have to give them an incentive and that’s where the surveys come in. When they pay you, they are making the big smackaroos in return by learning how the basic market works. Meaning, what sells to the average Joe is what they are really looking for.  The incentives have gone up since so many competitors are offering more money by doing other things, so this is good news for you! This means the survey companies are forced not to be so darn cheap and have to up the price to get people to actually participate in their surveys. This has become a pretty lucritive business through the years, I’m serious. If it wasn’t for their competitors, they would still be paying out chump change. Another thing these companies now do is they will actually let you keep a lot of the stuff they send you to test out. So, you not only end up getting paid with cash, you also get some pretty cool prizes! If you’re still stuck on, well “What do the companies get?” What they get is mega revenue from the information you are providing them. You have no idea how valuable your surveys are to them. It’s like working at a restaurant and every day each customer was asked to write an entire list of the things they liked about a restaurant (theirs) and pick out favorites from their menu and entire service for that matter. If they knew that, they would be raking in the dough! That’s the main secret every business NEEDS to know. Even restaurants have to pay secret shoppers to come in and do this for them. (That’s a whole other job) So, surveying is here to stay and will ALWAYS be a great way to earn some extra cash flow…


What Exactly Do I Get With Get Cash For Surveys If I Join?survey

Once you purchase the Get Cash For Surveys program, there are different locations they will give you, so you can take these paid surveys. Meanwhile, it saves you tons of time you probably (like most of us) will waste much time looking for that perfect “Get rich Scam”. But, at least with this, you pretty much know you can’t lose. Just signing up, you can also receive a large number of free bonuses and gifts. Not only that, the program includes many other cool job listings to add on your list of programs to check out for even more extra money. This includes things like Paid to Drive Jobs, Paid Writing, and Paid to Read Emails etc…

What Does This Program Cost?

You will start with an investment of $74 which gives you instant access to the entire system.  They accept credit card or PayPal, but before you pay anything, take a look on the left-hand side of their screen and you will be able to claim a whopping 50% discount.  Once the price is cut in half, it is definitely worth it.  Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the partners of their program that actually send the surveys out to you will give you back a $50 deal that’s a part of their package.  So basically, the system pays for itself . If you’re still a little weary, don’t worry. They have a full 60 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Why Can’t I Just Find Free Surveys Myself?

Well, the problem is, a lot of people have tried and nine times of out 10 they usually fail and miserably.  The guy who created this whole system was one of those people who did it all by himself.  He will tell you personally the long journey he went through of fighting many obstacles, falling prey to more misleading scam surveys and it took him a LONG, LONG time to get it right. The truth is, only about 5% of people who try things on their own without guidance will make it. The other 95% never get anywhere and just end up back where they started or more broke then when they began. Doing these things on your own can be extremely overwhelming and a total waste of time. That’s why I also tell people it is dire that you reap the benefits from someone else’s research and hard work. That’s how you will succeed. forget about the small investments. We are not talking about thousands of dollars here. Be smart. Many millionaires got that way by buying cheap little programs like this. Trust in that. Because it’s the absolute brutal truth.

How Much Can I Make Doing Online Surveys?

Well, everyone is different, so of course, this will completely depend on you. It will depend on your consistency, your drive and how much time you have to commit to this. It’s just like any other online opportunity.  I usually complete about half a dozen surveys in a day.  Sometimes more and sometimes I take a break for a few days or a week from everything.  However, if you do the math here, say I did 12 surveys per day, five days a week, and an average of about $10 a piece. Multiply that, and that would average around $650 a week. That’s $2400 per month , and an annual income of around $28,800.  Not too bad for sitting at home working online. I actually could do it easily, but I also do ad posting and try other things  as well, so eventually  I will decide which one is most lucritive. But right now I enjoy switching it up so  I don’t get bored. Regardless of how much you make whether it’s $650 a week or $100 a week, It’s still extra money. In this economy, everything counts. Each bill is so high. I live in a pretty nice suburban neighborhood and I see homeless people ALL THE TIME. They’re sleeping on my sidewalk, walking by my home, sleeping in the alley way where I walk my dog. They are everywhere. It’s so sad. I see them busting their humps picking up cans and I think how blessed I really am. If only they had an internet connection. They could make a lot more than they do picking up those dirty cans and begging people for spare change. The fact that we even have the luxury to get on the computer and buy any job training program makes us extremely lucky in my book! Get Cash For Surveys has definitely helped put some extra cash in my pocket along with my ad posting job. I also dabble in whatever I can find. I plan on making as much money as I can. I’m not getting any younger and I have to make sure I can be able to take care of myself in the long run, so I give everything a try. You should too. It won’t kill you! It’s a great opportunity and if you don’t like it, you have the option to get out of it. It’s that simple!

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose. But I will go ahead and provide you the link in case you want to give it a whirl…



Make Money Taking Surveys


Earn $25 for Your first Survey 


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