Mr Rebates; Real Profit or Flop? Full Review



Mr Rebates Overview

How It Works


Mr. Rebates is much like the highly advertised site called Ebates. These are both extremely similar to each other. They are both online shopping websites that offer online shoppers the opportunity to earn money through rebates.

Both Mr Rebates and Ebates provide members with coupon codes and discount links for shopping through their affiliate site. Being an affiliate means that they don’t actually own any of the stores you will be shopping at.

Mr Rebates simply promotes products from other stores and like you, they receive a commission from each store whenever a purchase is made through their affiliate links. They then are essentially just sharing part of their sales commission with you and that’s how you earn money. It’s much better than the typical rebate process, in that with basic rebates, you would have to mail in your proof of purchase, then wait to get your payment. Mr Rebates does not make you do anything like that. It is a much more convenient way to earn rebates, thanks to modern technology. Those little tracking links give them all the information they need to verify you’ve made a purchase. Then the money is loaded into your account without a day or two when shopping through Mr rebates.


One of the biggest draws to Mr. Rebates is that the cashback rate can land pretty high. Some reported earnings are as high as 50%. However, for the most part, don’t expect that to be the case every time. 5% to 25% would be more of a realistic range that I would expect on a normal basis.


More Details On Mr Rebates


Mr Rebates are partnered with over 2000 shops. These includes stores like Kohl’s, Macy’s, Walmart Dell, Office Depot, Old Navy and even Neiman Marcus. There are smaller brands as well but these are just to name a few… When shopping at any of these stores you can receive up to 30% (sometimes more) on cashbacks amounts.



  1. Free to Join – Mr Rebates is free to join.
  2. $5 Signup Bonus – You get a $5 bonus just for signing up!
  3. Payout Methods – Pays by Paypal or check.
  4. Payout Minimum – Payout minimum is $10.
  5. Referrals – You get 20% of the cash back amount your referrals receive.
  6. Free Shipping  – Shipping is Free on all items. If you’re inpatient there are also a lot of in store pickup options for places like Apple, BestBuy and Office Depot. (You can literally pick up your item within 1 hour.)




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Pros And Cons With Mr Rebates

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The Pros


It’s 100% Free – Nothing beats a free membership. Nowadays, most places ask for an upfront fee or want money down the line somehow, so that’s alway a plus.

Fast Cash Back – After you purchase your items from any store that qualifies, you receive cash back literally within only 3 days.

Low Payout Amount – You only need to earn a total of $10 in order to request your cash. Standard cashouts at any place usually $25.

First Purchase Bonus –  With your first purchase, Mr Rebates will give you a $5 bonus which is great because it’s already half of your cashout amount.
Referral Bonus – For each friend you refer to Mr Rebates, you’ll get 20% of any cashback they receive from their purchases. This can actually really add up if you do the math. You’ll also get credited anytime you refer someone to signup or even just for opening up an email sent from Mr rebates through your referral link. They can even give you credits by just adding your email to the referral questionnaire and there’s no limit to how many referrals you can make.

No Spam – I like the fact that Mr Rebates promises not to spam your email with hundreds of offers and they live up to that promise. There’s nothing worse than opening up your email to page after page of annoying spam.

The Cons

You Won’t Become Rich – Although this is a great program for savings and earning extra cash, I think you realize this will never be a full time career.

Restrictions on Items –  This is something unexpected but it happens. Make sure to always check on a purchase before you make it to see if there’s a cash back option. Some items are not eligible for cash back.


 Here’s some ideas to save even more…

As with a lot of programs there are always some small loopholes or things you may overlook. Here are some great ideas to get even more savings for yourself. You’ll especially benefit using these techniques over the holidays.

So, another great way to earn more cash back savings is by shopping through Mr Rebates using a Cash Back Rewards Card. This will allow you to save using two different methods.

On top of shopping through the Mr Rebates shopping interface and saving that way, what if you used your Discover It card. This card offers 5% cashback during the holidays at any department store. That way, not only did you save the usual 10% from Mr Rebates, you also got an extra 5% just by using your discover card. That altogether is a nice 15% savings. So if you spent $100 you would have a total cashback of 15 bucks. Pretty nice right? If you use this throughout your shopping spree you should rake up some nice savings!



1) Make sure to check your Mr Rebates back office every day, so you’re not missing out on any great deals. They often have special coupon offers or rebate deals. There’s a column on the right hand side of your home page screen that announces all the new offers and special deals.

2) Refer all your friends & Family! You can do this in many different and easy ways. Just send a regular email or you can also use Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram. Add a column on all your social networks telling all your friends about the program and insert your special affiliate link. It’s that simple!


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