Making Money with a Form Filling Franchise Program

afranchiseprogram)Many people are unaware of how many great earning opportunities are available online and that’s what my blog is dedicated to. I have spent many years investigating and trying so many different programs and one I particularly like and is a fast money maker is a franchise. So I will dedicate this entire page to sharing with you information on becoming a franchise member for form filling jobs.

What are Form Filling Jobs?

Form filling jobs are basically in short, ad posting. The reason some businesses don’t just call it that is because they may offer many different types of jobs altogether so ad posting alone would not be an entire description of what the actual job entails. These types of programs were born to compensate the inexperienced typist. They may not be the best at grammar or typing speed. They may not have a great resume or live in the desired country of most jobs offered so many companies have created these types of online opportunities in order to give EVERYONE a chance to earn money from home.
These companies ask you to simply do specific assignments for them and they pay per assignment or per ad you post. Most business opps are commission-based only, so this is why form filling is so popular because they pay per post. You actually get paid for your work whether you make a sale or a click. Now of course becoming a franchisee is a totally different scenario. They are commission-based, however, the programs are higher ticket items and because they are in such high demand, it is not hard at all to generate income as a franchise owner. It’s much different from becoming an affiliate for clickbank and struggling to sell so many products. The difference from selling affiliate products and promoting your own franchise is when you sell a digital item, there’s no aftercare meaning there’s no real work involved from the vendor after the item is sold. They simply give access to a digital product or members area and are done. However,with a form filling franchise, the company actually still has work to do after the sale is done. They still have to hire the members, grade 1000’s of assignments daily, provide training & support and also pay the customers for their work. So a franchisee gets paid HALF the profit for basically doing very little to nothing (compared to what the vendor does) and the out-of-pocket expenses the vendor still continues to pay once the sale is completed. This is why these franchises can cost up to $650.


How Much Can I Earn as a Franchisee?

Form filling jobs are in high demand and sell like hotcakes! It doesn’t take much to promote and profit from this type of business. You can do things as simple as basic ad posting and earn a couple thousand dollars a month. If you want to do heavier promoting there are many things you can do such as email marketing, social media marketing including facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube etc..  If you are not familiar with marketing a website an excellent training program is You can earn from $500 per month to literally Thousands if you use the right techniques. $5000+ per month is not an unrealistic with training and a bit of time.

They provide FULL training Step-By-Step with many video demos, graphics and text tutorials. If you want to promote ANY type of business Make-n-dollars is the program to use. It’s inexpensive yet very effective.


Good Franchise I recommend

A really great franchise I stand behind is from a business called Work From Home Typing Jobs. They have a very low cost franchise (only $250). Now to some this may seem expensive, but for what you get it’s extremely cheap. I chose this program over all the others because OTHERS cost up to $600+ and only pay you 34% of your sales. Now Work From Home Typing Jobs pays a whopping 50%. This can range up to $125 per sale item and it is very possible to make a few of these daily.


What Comes With a Franchise?




Work from home typing jobs franchise provides the Following

1. Your own pre-built webpage built by the company. (This is a free website, no custom domain name included)

2. 1 Job Package included (worth $100)

3. Back Office Tracking. You will have your own back office login where you can view your website stats, earnings and traffic anytime day or night. Work from home typing jobs manually adds tracking to your website so any sales will be tracked. offers a fantastic looking webpage and you can choose your own business name, website colors and your own “About us” page.


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