Making Extra Money With an Ad Posting Job


There was a surge of jobs in the data entry field about 5 years ago and they slowly seemed to have dropped off the planet. Data entry has been the number one sought out job online for the past decade and there have been a lot of changes and fly by night programs. However, ad posting jobs are still striving to stay. They have had a hard time getting beat up in the past by bloggers, affiliate marketers and competing website owners, but they are fighting to keep their place on the web. It looks like the marketers just couldn’t fight the competition any other way than to start filling the internet will trash talking reviews claiming all ad posting jobs are scams. Most ad posting businesses then took a step back to dodge the fire. However, it seems they are coming back strong.

Ad posting jobs are a great way to make extra money fro home. Especially if you live in places like India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Nigeria. A lot of these countries have a hard time getting paid, as most reliable programs seem to limit their payout selection. That’s the wonderful thing about posting ads from home. You can get paid wherever in the world you live. Payouts are offered through western union, direct bank transfer, paypal or check through mail.



Whether you want to get paid for each ad you post or get a commission based paycheck you can earn the type of income you want. Ad posting jobs that pay per ad do have a monthly earning limit, but you can always do commission based work or do both.


 Two Types of Ad Posting Jobs


Commission Ad Posting:

Commission paying jobs are basically posting ads but 100% at your own leisure without being asked to turn in an assignment and dealing with no deadlines. For more on this click HERE


Pay Per Ad Ad Posting:

Paid per ad posting jobs require a minimum amount of work per month to get paid. You get paid per assignment weekly/bi weekly. For more on this click HERE


I review a lot of ad posting job programs and each one is very similar in structure. The one’s I personally prefer are a bit more lenient when it comes to grading the work. Some companies make it almost impossible for someone to earn money because their expectations are way too high. For instance, one business I came across online only allowed 3 mistakes per assignment of over 200 ad posts. Truthfully, that is nearly impossible unless you get a second chance for corrections which they did not allow. The programs you should look for will allow a second correction and not be so harsh on the details since they do advertise “No experience necessary.” Here is a great program I have found to be one of the better one’s around. Click below for more information.






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