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frustratedEver wondered if those ad posting jobs are for real or not? A lot of them are not. There are so many scams sifting around the internet that unfortunately you will only find about 10 out of each 1000 online opportunities to be 100% legitimate. Either something has a catch, they cost money, they say they’re free but they’re really not or something else. Then you do all this work, follow the program to a “T” and end up making ziltch. I’ve been there and tried that. The great news is, you can always rely on bloggers to tell you like it is. We have the experience online to tell you what’s real and what’s not. In just the past few years I have tried at least 40 different programs and I truly put my heart and soul into them as well. I can tell you that some of the greatest reveared opportunities can end up being not necessarily a scam, but a major downer and disappointment. Let me tell you something, part of it has to do with your own mind and how you perceive working from home. If you expect the world, you will always be let down. You have to have a realistic expectation of any online endeavor no matter what promises you are told. There are actual opportunities out there that do work if you put your heart into them and just trust the process. A lot of people give up too soon because in the back of their mind that little person on your shoulder is telling you, “This is never gonna work” and oh i’m never gonna make money doing this. You have to put those feelings aside and just do work, even if you have not had any success. Success comes when you least expect it and I’ve learned this time and time again.


This part is easy because I’ve already prechosen the companies I know to be real and that WILL pay you for your work. Now just as long as you keep in mind that these are not real jobs where you get paid a salary. You have to do work and you will get paid per project.

Each project may consist of something different, but it all boils down to ad posting, blogging, posting testimonials, posting in forums, blogging etc.. It’s easy work anybody can do with or without any experience. The money you can earn is good, the more projects you do, the more you can make. Just remember, whether it’s online surveys, ad posting or anything else, every online endeavor is a learning process. You will always start out slow as a beginner, but in time you will speed up and the work becomes super easy after awhile.


These companies are all owned by the same staff which is Sari Balhi. She runs these sites and you are going to be paid for your work. Here are the different job packages they offer below –

1. Ad Posting Package

2. Copy & Paste Package

3. Basic typist Package

4. Form Filling Job Package

5. Email List Compiler

6. Email Research Typist

7. Research Assistant

8. Mini combo (3 packages in one)

9. Super combo (5 packages in one)

10. Franchise (They build you a website, this ones pays mega bucks)

They have a few sister sites, so some sites will not have all the same packages. Only one has the copy & Paste and basic typist pack, but the others pretty much offer the same thing. It’s hard to choose which website is better, so i’ll just send you to any one of them because they are all great and run by Sari Balhi. Also, note that this is a real business entity registered with the State of California, so their businesses are 100% legal (unlike a lot of other online work from home opps)

If you want to make sure this job is for you also make sure when visiting their website to view ALL links. Here are the links you will want to visit for further details below –












  • I have tried ad posting before and was burned.I seriously will try again because from what i’ve read, the companies you are talking about have virtually no complaints on them.Thanks for the reliable information.

  • What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this
    and was so happy to discover these jobs are offered to us online.
    I will be joining the program you mentioned first thing in the morning.

    Thank you,

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