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Home typing and data entry jobs are always in high demand for many work at home seekers. The problem though seems to always be the same and that’s being able to identify the different types of data entry and what’s best for you. Now there are your traditional data entry jobs where I think most people have in mind when searching for easy work which simply entails typing documents for a business such as doing transcription.

The common problem with people seeking this type of work is that most people who I see that apply simply do not have the grammatical skills to perform such tasks. Just being a fast typist unfortunately does not cut it in any realm of the phrase. You must not only be able to type extremely fast, but you must be able to type with little to no error. You also must be able to be an avid speller and English should be your first language. You also need to have a college background and some type of college degree. A lot of companies also require you to have your own software, printer and so forth.

In essence you will be spending maybe a couple hundred dollars if not more on your tools (unless you already have them). It is an extremely competitive job and the kicker to it is the pay isn’t even all that great. A lot of these companies will even require you to attend additional college courses. So you have to be an extremely experienced, well educated, organized and efficient person to qualify for data entry. I’m quite sure this is a surprise to most bu sadly it’s the facts.

Non Traditional Data Entry Jobs

Finding the ones that pay

The second most promoted data entry jobs are that of writing, ad posting or blogging. These jobs are much different in that you don’t have to be an accurate typist by any means. You don’t have to have excellent grammar skills and English does not have to be your first language. However, with any type of work from home endeavor you do need experience . Therefore you can sign up for a program that requires no experience as long as they provide you that experience in the form of some type of online training program. 

Programs like these are great because they are much easier and even though most do come with a small sign up fee, you still won’t spend as much as you would with a real data entry job with having to invest in expensive software. No one ever really considers that part of it.

The program I recommend is ad posting jobs. Now like everything else there are many different type of these programs too and with these you have to be especially weary of scams because they come to you like fly’s. There’s a rare few good programs out there like this but lucky for you I’ve been able to dabble in a company already myself so I can tell you first hand that it is legit and it does pay as long as you do your end of the work.

What you must realize is these jobs do not come with an employer, you are more working on your own freelancing for companies. What your job entails is typing ads for websites for a commission. Now commissions in this field are very high (between 50-75%). If done right the money adds up quick and you can make a nice solid monthly income from home.

The number one most imp0ortant thing with this type of work is having an efficient training program and support team. You also need to join a program that updates their members area regularly so that you always have the newest of information.

I’ve been successfully doing the ad posting job for a few years now and I am making very good money. I am of course in no way suggesting you will make what I do. Each person is different and so it always depends on the amount of work, time and effort you put into it.


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