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Put Extra Cash In Your Pocket Just By Posting Ads..


Hi, My name is Kelly Watson and I made this blog specifically to offer ONLY legitimate Jobs. These jobs have been thoroughly researched and have been verified for their legitimacy. I HATE SCAMS JUST LIKE YOU DO! Please note that I do NOT own any of these programs. If you are highly skilled in the data entry field, have a college degree and are looking for a REAL Data Entry Job that involves  professional Transcription, Data Entry Clerk Jobs that pay hourly rates or anything of this nature, these are NOT those types of Jobs. These are not actual employers. You are considered an “Independent Contractor”. However,  If those are the types of jobs you are looking for, you can find them by clicking  HERE. Otherwise just continue reading.

Ad Posting, Home Typing, Copy & Paste, Form Filling Work

The type of Jobs Genuine Internet Jobs lists are especially great for people who have little to no experience and need a means to some guaranteed income.  If you or someone you know is disabled, is a stay at home mom or dad or just does not have much Job experience, these are GREAT opportunities you may want to tell them about.


These types of Jobs are an excellent means to make easy money because they’re very simple to do. You simply copy paste the ad information provided by the company into a form. Each form usually only takes 30 seconds or less and you will get paid for each form you fill. The companies will usually provide some type of form filling software to fill out most other fields . Then you just need to paste in the ad description. It doesn’t get any easier than this. I mean try waitressing. Now that’s a hard job. With online Jobs you can literally sit on your behind all day watching tv and drinking coffee or listening to music as you’re posting ads. You can do it in your spare time or you can do it all day long! That’s the wonderful thing about this type of work. You can basically choose the amount of money you want to earn per month. These programs offer different’ types of Job packages that provide different earning amounts. It’s like a dream job!

Ad posting Jobs have been around for quite awhile but the problem was that many companies were charging members fees and then not paying them for their work. Then it became a BIG JOKE online for awhile because no one trusted the industry anymore. However, within the past few years some companies have stepped up and come into play and really cleaned up the entire program. This made it possible for people to trust again because real people started reported real earnings. Of course this does not mean EVERY company that offers ad posting is genuine so be careful! The Jobs we offer on this site already have been THOROUGHLY checked out. I became a member myself, so I know they pay! I also did extensive research before I joined and before I created this blog.  Reason being is I didn’t want to put my name out there online on something that was not legitimate. I would not ever want to be known promoting some scam that would not only ruin my name but  embarrass my family.

Ad Posting Video Demo


1. Posting Ads

2. Also collect on sales through reports

3. Get Bonus Assignments

4. Get paid extra for adding pictures

5. Get commissions for any additional activities (see below)

Not one can you earn money through doing the reports, you can also add your affiliate link to your facebook page, your Pinterest, twitter, any articles, blogs, videos, Instagram and these are very simple ways to earn additional income with little to no work.  

Bonus assignments are also offered in these programs. Bonus assignments also include things like – 



3.Writing articles

4.Writing Testimonials

5. Posting In Forums

6. Making Youtube Videos

7. Making classified lists And More…





Earn Even More Money With Your Own Franchise

Franchising online is something many work from home newcomers haven’t heard of or learned about yet. Well, At least not the kind I am about to share with you. It is a lot different from buying a mcdonalds franchise. As the internet goes, many make up their own rules and have adopted an interesting pattern of renaming things, such as the traditional meaning of data entry.  In the past, data entry was only thought of as  transcribing handwritten documents, inputting information off of spreadsheets or a sequences of numbers. Today, many data entry jobs are less traditional and the word is used and only meant for entering data into a form. This can basically be any type of form, including ad forms. Therefore, as this example goes, so does the new meaning of franchises. 


With non traditional form filling programs, not only can you choose different job packages such as ad posting and form filling jobs for extra money, you can also just choose to own an ad posting / form filling job franchise instead. What this means is, you are basically provided with your own webpage which sells the job packages. Therefore, instead of you posting ads to earn money per form, you would post ads towards your own webpage and earn money from any job package or even a franchise pack that’s purchased through your website. The revenue is set at a high price, therefore your commissions are high and for very little work, at least compared to what the actual company has to do. You get half of their earnings and you don’t have to build or upkeep your own website, provide or create logins or worry about each members account or help and support. You also don’t have to worry about paying the members or grading their assignments and you don’t have to pay for any administrative fees. These companies have to deal with monthly assignment creations, updating websites and provide member instruction maintenance as well. You get away scott-free and earn 50% of earnings, where in reality, you did very little work to earn such a large share. The only thing you would have to do in a franchise is post your ads and basically collect your checks. It can’t get much easier than that!


Franchise programs like these are extremely lucrative because of their popularity globally. is one work from home business that has an excellent franchise program. The reason I like them personally above the rest is because-

(a) they’re an honest company

(b) They  pay higher commission rates than most

(c) They include a lot more bonuses than most other similar franchises I’ve seen and

(d) They are 3 times cheaper than most others as well.


 What Else Is Included With A Franchise? Find out more below..




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