How to Make Money Typing Ads From Home

adpostIn need of earning extra income? Are you overwhelmed by all the thousands of offers online and weary of getting scammed? These are normal feelings that most everyone experiences when first seeking work online. It’s definitely not an easy task to search through all the thousands of job ads and then having to do research on each one to find out if they are even legit. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I was once in your very same spot in the beginning of my journey. It takes a  lot of time and practice to get to know the internet and become familiar with each type of programs that are offered. The program I want to write about today is one of my favorite types of programs and it’s home based typing jobs (aka) ad posting, form filling work.


What Is Ad Posting Work?

Ad posting work is simply posting free ads online. This could range from free classifieds to free blogs, testimonials, tweets, a facebook ad or anything where you can put a 4 to 5 line ad online.

All online businesses thrive off of advertising and all web businesses pay someone to advertise their business for them. The fact is, you can be the best business in the world but if you don’t have any visitors, your website is basically invisible.


Do I Have to Recruit or Sell Something in Order to Get Paid?

The majority of web business offer a free affiliate program where they welcome you to advertise for them in return for a commission. A commission means you only get paid if their is a sale made. However, ad posting jobs are much different. You do NOT need to make a sale in order to get paid. They pay you for each ad you post online whether it generates sales, clicks or anything else. All you are required to do is post the ad.


How Much Do They Pay for Each Ad I Post?paycheck-2

Of course each program is different and offer different pay ranges, however, Work From Home Wizards pays up to .15 cents per ad (additional bonuses apply.) The amount of ads you can post per month will depend on the job package you choose.

How Do I Know This Isn’t a Scam?


Well for one I actually joined Shortcuts To Cash which is another one of their sister sites owned by Sari Balhi so I know they are a very good and reliable company. They recently opened up a forum for Work From Home Wizards and here is a screenshot of one of their recent payments a customer actually posted below







Ad posting jobs are a great way to earn easy money without needing to bother with resumes, waiting to get hired (could take up to 6 months just to get word), no special typing or grammar skills needed. The program is instant, you start right away and you can get paid for each report you turn in via paypal. If you don’t have paypal you can also opt to get paid by other means such as western union, direct bank transfer or check by mail.


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