How To Find A Trusted Home Job In Data Entry


By Kelly C WatsonIn this realm of time, the craze of home data entry jobs has almost come to pass. A few years ago these home positions were being flung from left to right and everywhere from animal marketers to your common thieves looking to make a quick buck. This was the craze for awhile. I’m sure you saw the many outlandish ads and claims – “Make $1000 a day doing data entry”. This was the big one. So many scamsters jumped on that bandwagon, offering you a promise of “overnight riches”. Unfortunately an empty promise, these companies just could not deliver. No one can promise wealth. It comes with a price more than money. It comes with time, effort, drive and consistent work. Not something anyone can guarantee you will do just because you buy their informational products. Many of these companies went out of business as in time they were being exposed for making such outlandish claims. Even though the true possibilities were there to make this kind of income through some. So the few true and genuine companies that were left standing clearly stood the test of time and proved their authenticity. Any one of those that weathered the storm and still stand today, you have a pretty good chance of trusting.

I have been doing a more non-traditional type of data entry myself for some years now and although I haven’t become rich, I can say I have definitely made a sizable amount of income from my efforts with the help of the company I joined. They not only gave me guidance, but they paved the way for me and many others to successfully do and learn an entire business from scratch with nothing. No product, no ideas, no website. Although many of the fraudulent companies have since dissipated, there still are some that remain.

There are many different avenues for locating a typist job or job that pays for one to complete specific data entry tasks. Here is a simple list of five trusted job databases you could go through to find a legitimate position for hire.

1. Money Making Mommy: Has been around for many years and has a trusted name and a great reputation for providing information on available jobs in your area.

2. Craigslist: Although you may hear of a lot of craigslist scams, they have actually really piped down in their job section, so not to worry.

3. careerbuilder: Careerbuilder has one of the largest databases of jobs and has a pretty good selection of data entry and home typing positions that are available.

4. Freelancer: This place lists many freelance opportunities where people are looking to outsource workers and will pay you to complete different specific data entry tasks for them.

5. Elance: Elance is another one very similar to freelancer and is very reputable.


Quick Tips On How To Spot A Data Entry At Home Job Scam

1. Free Hosted Website – No genuine data entry company will work off a free hosted site. Whether it only be a 3rd party providing information or a direct employer, this is not anything I would ever trust.

2. No Website At All – Watch out for the many email scams that come with offers of data entry through your mail box and ask for a direct fee right then and there. Always make sure there is a company website behind it in existence. If you’re gonna pay for something, never pay through an email. It could be also a trick to hack into your account or get your credit card information.

3. 3rd World Country Offers – Unfortunately the many known scams come from Nigeria and other 3rd world places so always be weary, even if you live there yourself. I hate to say this but it’s true. A USA Based company has a much lesser chance of being fraudulent.

4. No Way Of Being Contacted – Always make sure the company has a valid and working form of contact whether it be phone or email or both. This is an absolute must!

Finding a legitimate home based business in data entry is only half the battle. It has to be a clear notion that no one can promise you will make any certain or specific amount of money online, because the majority of these data entry positions do not pay a simple set salary. Many of them pay either a commission-based income or may pay per data entry project completed.

However, a company can tell you a possible round about figure – that is possible or likely and that would be a much more realistic gesture. Of course If you were to be hired as a legal transcriptionist or something to that effect, then one might tell you the position pays $9.00 per hour which is an exception to the rule.

Whether you are looking for a traditional data entry job or starting your own data entry business with or without a website I can help you. My Name is Kelly Watson and I have successfully been doing non-traditional data entry work for over 2 years now. I have spent much time researching and creating informational lenses to help people like you not only understand about data entry but help you find immediate work in the field you desire. For more information on my lens please visit Legitimate Home Typing Jobs or Finding Data Entry Jobs

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