How To Buy An Online Franchise For a Form Filling Business




Imagine being able to earn massive profits from someone else’s hard work, sweat and developed business? Being a franchise owner is like having a business cheat sheet in a sense. You get to profit Without experience, without any real work or investments and without having to create a thing! The business has done everything from creating the business name, logo, website, customer base, products, delivery, paychecks and you as a franchise owner get a piece of that pie simply by bringing people to your pre -built web page! You don’t even have to build it, the company provides it to you prebuilt already. You get your own personal business name and all you have to do is bring people to your site.


What Is The Business and what do people buy?

People buy job packages that range all the way up to $250. Each franchise owner will earn 50% of any job package purchased through their webpage. All you have to do is post free ads on the web. Franchisees are provided with an additional bonus job package where they will be paid for each ad posted in addition to earning half of any sale generated through their website.

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How Much Can I Earn As A Franchise Owner?

Franchise owners have no limit to what they can earn. There are some franchisees earning up to $10,000 per month from generated sales alone.

What Do I Get As A Franchise Owner?

You will be provided with your own webpage designed by the company. You will have your details added to the site and you will be able to choose your own business name. You will get a basic home typist job package with your own login in which you will be issued monthly assignments that pay per form you fill.

Also included is an entire other business opportunity:  Data entry/affiliate marketing training members area – Includes thousands of dollars worth of software, video training, a full job database and much more…  (SEE BELOW-



SEPARATE BONUS PROGRAM INCLUDES ( this is not the franchise materials, this is an additional bonus program given to franchise members)

Full affiliate training program
100 business training ebooks on several subjects
Fast Track Cash 16 video series and resell rights (worth $250)
1. Blogging Course Step By Step
2. Article Marketing Video Series
3. Amazon Affiliate Training Course
4. WordPress 16 video Training Series

Bonus VIP Area (Included FREE)

1. General audio Transcription Training Package
2. Response Typist Program Training
3. Telecommuting/Data Entry Job Database
4. 100% Free Survey List and Guide
Franchise bonuses

Refer 10 Members Earn Bonus $100
Refer 50 Members Earn Bonus $500
Refer 100 Members Earn Bonus $1000

If you are looking for an genuine, easy way to make fast cash without having to start from scratch on your own business learning venture this is the opportunity for you! It could take YEARS for someone to develop a profitable business like this on their own so why not take this shortcut offered to you and profit big!!!




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