How A Homeless Women Stumbled On A Way To Make Money Online


Author: Sarah Topetti

“I recently came across this story in a recent news article and it literally pulled at my heart strings..”

A local Arizona woman Sarah Topetti, a previous school teacher was laid off in early 2009 from her 12 year teaching career. She found herself in a desperate situation when she couldn’t find work. She eventually lost her home, her car and all her possessions were either sold or hawked to pay for hotels. Sarah struggled for several months until she eventually found herself homeless, sleeping at various friends houses and eventually on park benches. This is a true heart wrenching story of a real “rags to riches event.”

Due to living outdoors and her appearance being unfavorable for any job interview, Sarah found herself visiting a local internet cafe frequently trying to find work online. She came across an ad to make money from home. She spent countless hours on the computer daily working online for ends meat. Within only a few months she was able to pay for a hotel and within 8 months she had herself an apartment and was “for now” off the street.

Sarah now owns her own home and was able to replace all the belongings she had once lost. She trembles when talking about her horrific experience and wants to educate others and let them know that it can happen to anyone no matter how safe they feel in their career. However, Sarah says “you always have choices regardless of your situation you may find yourself in.”

Sarah no longer wishes to pursue her teaching career as she feels it is not a reliable source of income for her. She enjoys working from home and wants to help others that are in a similar situation, so they never have to go through what she did.

Written by: Sarah Topetti





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