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Affiliate Disclosure

I am an affiliate for some of the products I review on my blog.  This is my official notice that this website contains some Affiliate links on certain products.

The affiliate links may be in the form of Banner Ads, and or Text Links.

I may receive a commission on some sales or some leads via the hypertext link to our vendor partners products.

Clicks are tracked by means of a code that is contained in our Affiliate links or embedded in our webpage.

These Affiliate links help us to cover the costs of hosting this website and providing you with reviews and information on each product. I spend many hours researching, investigating and sometimes purchasing programs myself in order to provide an accurate review.

Please note: None of my reviews are based or motivated by earnings. My reviews are 100% honest and legitimate and I do not received compensation for everything I review on this blog.

Some reviews may also be sponsored, which mean the company has compensated me to give a fair review for their product. Just please remember that any payments received does not in any way influence my review.


My Disclaimer

This blog is for informational purposes only, and all opinions stated are 100 percent my own. I am not in any way an expert on these products. I am just a regular person such as yourself that is a consumer and has provided my own personal experience on each product I have encountered. My blog is for the purpose of helping others to find legitimate offers and money making ideas for their own personal gain. I may not always get it right, meaning sometimes I may have had a good experience with a program that maybe did not do well for someone else. I am not perfect. I always do my best to give you my most honest opinion on each program and product.


I in no way am to be held responsible should you have a bad experience with any of the products you try. I never claimed to be an expert in the field, only a fellow consumer providing you with my own personal experience and opinion to the best of my knowledge. It is always recommended to decide for yourself what is best for you and to do further research on anything that you may want to try.