UniqPaid – Scam or Legit? Full Information



UniqPaid Overview


Doing further research into Uniqpaid, I found that it has been online for a monumental amount of time for most internet money making programs. It started in 2001 and it seems to be a sister site of UniqueRewards which has managed to also carry on a really good reputation online.

UniqPaid is labeled as a GPT site which offers a multitude of online tasks such as completing offers, shopping and promoting.


Basics On UniqPaid


  1. Free to Join – UniqPaid is free to join.
  2. Long Established Website – UniqPaid has been online for over 15 years.
  3. All Countries are Accepted – This program states that they accept international members and have no limitations.
  4. Direct Referrals are Unlimited – There are no limits on how many people one can refer and the system runs 3 levels deep for referrals.
  5. No Cashout Limit – You can cashout at any earning amount, even for 5 cents.
  6. Payout Type: They pay by PayPal with the email you signed up with, so make sure it’s your actual paypal email. (You can always add the email to your PayPal account later if it isn’t.)


About Earnings


First Level Earnings : Level 1 is 10% earnings, Level 2 is 5% and Level 3 is 1% on referrals.

Active Referral Earning Levels: You earn $1.00 for every active referral that earns $5.00 or more..
10% from all advertiser purchases for lifetime.

Points: All points are converted into cash at the end of the month.


Verified Payment Proof From a Current Member




Kelly’s Final Verdict

Everyone knows that UniqPaid is a genuine money making website that has plenty of ways you can earn money. It’s been around for many years now and it’s definitely something worth adding to your list of ways to earn easy money. Every program works differently for each individual. In other words, some may prefer Quick Rewards which is another great program. However, it doesn’t hurt to give more than one a try since you now know which ones are legitimate and which ones are a total waste of time.


If you want to go ahead and give UniqPaid a try just click on the button below.



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