www.formfillingjobs.net VALID Proof of Payments

Form Filling Jobs.net is a sister site of many International ad posting job sites including shortcutstocash and typingathome.net

and also workfromhomewizards.com

All owned by the same duo.

These business owners have been online for over 10 years and although they may seem to have an unhappy customer or two here and there throughout the years, their reputation still remains pretty darn good compared to most other similar job sites.

There have been some very credible video earning testimonials on places such as youtube that have presented CLEAR PROOF that the members of these sites like formfillingjobs.net have indeed been paid. After viewing some of those videos and the Western union evidence showing a man got paid a whopping $600 is literally unheard of when it comes to online jobs and their authenticity. The fact that Sari Balhi/ Tom Foley have paid out such a large sum of money at once to 1 man is proof like no other I’ve seen before that they do pay you for your work and they pay you well! To earn $600 for ANYTHING online is almost unheard of. I have remained impressed by this team of job providers because they continue to thrive even when some people have tried to take them down. I’ve seen the proof, that simply cannot be faked, so I stand by these businesses and will continue to recommend these sites as one of the if not one of the HIGHEST Paying Jobs around and remain in my top 10 List of Best Online Jobs.


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