Data Typing Jobs – Get Paid For Every Ad Typed


Are you an affiliate marketer getting tired of typing ads and not getting paid? Now you can make money for every single ad you type. There are current job openings for form fillers, ad typists, email list compilists and more.. See the job descriptions below.

Data Entry Job Openings

1. Form Filling Job: This is a simple home based job where you are required to fill forms, usually only 2-5 shot lines. Sometimes up to 500 words. This position does not require any experience.

2. Home Typing Job: This is the most easiest of the bunch and requires no experience. All you have to do is post short ads online. The ads are pre written already for you to cut and paste and any remainder of text can be automatically filled by the software provided. With this one you can make from $1500-$3000 USD per month.

3.  Email List Compiler: This one just takes a little inquiring online about interested prospects for work. You compile emails from people who consent to it and get paid.

4. Research Assistant: This job is basically what it says. They pay you to research different subjects. Could be something like locating some good advertising sites or something. This can be for a little extra money per month.

5. Research Email Assistant: This one is similar to ad typing but the only difference is you will be collecting interested parties by writing ads then emailing the prospects.

6. Combo Typist: This one is the best one and pays tremendously well. You can make a full time living on this one alone. It includes all 5 above positions.

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