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Wanna Earn Money Posting Ads From Home?


Posting ads for companies have become a rising source of income for many. Since finding a reliable way to earn income online these days, is not so easy to find, ad posting has become the “Go-To” Job for many. This type of work used to be more popular in countries such as India and Indonesia. However, upon the rising need of outsourcing, many other countries have began using this system as a funding source as well. I believe the idea originated from India ( a very intelligent and resourceful nation) in which other countries have taken notice and decided to followed their lead.


Are Ad Posting Jobs a Scam?

Of course, there are ad posting scams out there. Therefore, you have to make sure you choose the right company. There are a lot of “Copy cat” companies who realized this is the way to earn quick money from the registration fees, so they opened up a temporary website with the sole idea to collect fees and NOT to pay anyone. These are the ones you really need to be careful of. I have done quite a bit of research on these companies and many of the scams seem to be originating from rackspace outsourcing. These companies have hundreds of complaints on the web and have created multiple websites. That’s not to say they are the only scams in this field, but that name is to be watched out for when visiting any ad posting site.





Do I have to Live in The USA to Work Doing ad Posting?


The great advantage to most ad posting jobs are they accept ALL countries. Because it is outsourcing, most companies will pay in ways such as western union, moneygram and direct bank transfer if the traditional ways do not suit you. Most companies restrict certain countries because they can only pay by paypal, so this is a big plus.


How Do Ad Posting Jobs Work?

All ad posting companies have different rules, different payout terms and different restrictions. It’s good to make sure to read their facts page and terms of use page thoroughly. Some I find are so strict in their assignment terms, that it’s almost impossible to be able to complete an assignment. Even worse, if the company doesn’t allow for corrections, you may just end up doing a report and get nothing for it. Try to avoid a company that puts too many terms on a report such as only allowing 3 mistakes in your grammar. Remember, these are supposed to be “No experience required” job offers. So there should not be too many restrictions on grammar mistakes. You should be allowed to make corrections.

Most companies will require a specific amount of ads posted in order to get paid. Usually one assignment is required. That could be from 150 ads to 400 ads. Each job also has a monthly earning limit, so if you were expecting to make thousands of dollars per month, that won’t happen. But you can make a good amount of extra cash to put in your pocket. If you want more money, I suggest looking into the Franchise option. Over all, this is a great earning opportunity that pays either when an assignment is completed or weekly or bi weekly.


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