28 Unique Ideas to Earn Money

aabjam-1106592_1920Find 28 Great Ways to Earn Money From Home…

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Regular Jobs & Odd Jobs

1. Nannies4hire; Interested in being a nanny? Based in Norkfolk, Nebraska, Nannies4Hire’s has been around since 1987 and provides top notch resources available in finding a trusted nanny for many different types of families. They have been featured on Dr Phil and CBS News among other places. This is an excellent place not only to find work as a nanny, but is also a great way to perfect your craft. You can learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to become a successful and highly sought after care giver. Nanny4Hire is easy to use website with in-depth profiles of nannies and resumes.
They provide an advanced feature that allows families to search and find the perfect nanny match.
Families may want a live-in or live-out nanny who is available for longer term periods. This is a great bonus if you are also looking for a place to stay.



2. Care4hire; Care4hire offers multiple types of care giving jobs such as housekeeping, Pet sitting, caring for the elderly, tutoring and even part time babysitting. Care4hire is owned by Nannies4Hire with a different website, but they are the same business empire and a great company to be affiliated with.I will be soon writing an entire article of these jobs alone so you may want to sign up with my free newsletter to make sure and make this information available to you.



3. Start A Career Today – Walmart (US)

Walmart is one of the top family discount stores and has also expanded into the food industry as well. Now offering a grocery aisle, Walmart has become increasingly diversified and is a commodity to most homes in america.

To find out more on available positions for hire at Walmart just click on the link below.



4. Start A Career Today – McDonalds (US)

As you may know, McDonalds is one of the top leading restaurants in fast food and has become a well respected family name.

To see what job openings McDonald has, just click on the link below.



5. Start A Career Today – Amazon

Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the US. Amazon is an online Book store that sells a number of goods listed from a through z. They also have created their own consumer electronics and is always expanding into new territories.

To view all the job openings Amazon is offering please click on the link below.



6. StartACareerToday – Apple

Kroger which is the name and face of Apple has been around since 1883 and has become tone of the largest retailers in the world. . Kroger runs and operates 2,625 stores and has a hand in brands including grocery, multi department stores, discount stores, convenient stores, jewelry stores and more…

To find out what positions are currently available through Apple, just click on the link below.


7. Casting360 – Online Job Application

Casting 360 is a Modeling/ Acting agency that’s looking for people of any age to work full or part time. There’s no experience necessary and they claim you can earn up to $350 a day.
If you or even someone you know, maybe your daughter, son, friend, niece, etc.. May want a part in a film or may be a good candidate for modeling, this may be a great opportunity.

To receive more information about Casting 360 or to apply just click on the link below.



Market Research, Surveys, Reading Emails
Completing Offers & more…


8. Inbox Pays –  Inbox Pays is a site where you can earn money by participating in various things like market research, completing surveys, reading emails and for completing trial offers. The minimum payout is $50 which is pretty high but the program is free, so it’s still a viable option if you think you will put the effort into it.



9. Quick Rewards – Multiple payment methods including PayPal, Gift Card or donations. No minimum amount to cashout. Payments by paypal are fast (Only a few hours.) Must live in either the following regions-  USA, Canada or UK.

Quick Rewards Overview

Quick Rewards is not only an online survey site. What I really like about this one is they offer a multitude of ways to earn money. Here is a list of ways you can get paid by Quick Rewards.

Surveys participation – Earn with cash or tokens.
Visit Websites – Make money surfing the web and visiting sponsored sites (Easy money)
Shop Online – Earn rebates up to 25%. Has over 1,000 top vendors to shop.
View Video Clips – Lots of assortments of things ranging from movie clips to product reviews.
Read Paid Emails – This one is easy where you just read their emails and there are additional rewards included.
Complete Tasks – Make some money doing trivia jobs.
Buy Discounted Gift cards – Receive a 3% rebate and an additional discounted card from Giftcards.com.
Print Grocery Coupons – Earn up to $0.10 for each coupon redemption.
Daily deal at Groupon – Receive 3% discount on all the shopping you do at Groupon.
Trivia Game – Earn points for guessing a simple trivia question.
Guess My Number Game – This is a number game they randomly display pretty frequently. Same as the trivia, you guess the number right and win more points..
Search The Web – This one is a no brainer. You just choose from using the toolbar Google or Bing and earn easy points for your searches.


This one is one of my faves. It pays really fast and when I joined I had like 50 cents within the first 12 minutes I was there. I haven’t done a full review on them as of yet but stay tuned. I will be covering one on them shortly. However, if you want to give them a quick try for yourself I definitely recommend them.



10. My Points  – Pays with Points for taking surveys which are redeemed by gift cards, travel miles or cash back via Paypal cashout payment.You can optionally Read the Full Review below or just click on the link to join now.




11. Send earnings –  Send earnings is obviously well known for a reason. They have a very reputable reputation. Send earnings offers several ways to earn money besides simple surveys. Among those things are videos, coupons, referrals,reading emails, playing games and more.. Payouts are by check and minimum payment threshhold is $30.
You can optionally Read the Full Review below or just click on the link to join now.



12. Swag bucks – Swag bucks is yet another great earning opportunity that offers ways to earn well beyond search engine earnings. You can earn by things like watching videos, playing games, referrals,shopping, surveys & more.. Payments are by giftcard or cash with PayPal.
You can optionally Read the Full Review below or just click on the link to join now.

Swag Bucks FULL Review Here



13. Unique paid – Unique paid is a well established site, been around for 15 years. It’s free to join and accepts members internationally from all over the world. This one has great characteristics. There’s absolutely no cashout minimum and you can earn endlessly on referrals.They pay by paypal. There’s many different earning levels and posint are converted into cash.
You can optionally Read the Full Review below or just click on the link to join now.




14. Ipsos-isay – Online Surveys that usually only accept United States and Canada but they do have some other panels that take European Countries. Isay Holds a A+ BBB Rating which goes along way with me. This is one of the most reputable survey program and happens to be one of my top 5 favorites. Pays with points which are redeemable by Paypal, check, Amazon GC, etc.. There’s no age restriction and payout works like this – You can either opt to exchange 1000 points for a $10 Amazon or itunes gift card, or wait until you get 1500 points .



15.  Pinecone –  This is another very reputable survey and Product testing program and has also landed on my top 5 fave list of surveys. They send surveys to your inbox on a variety of different topics. You earn $3 per survey and can trade your points by Paypal or check. Rewards are delivered very fast with Pinecone.

Rewards Offered With Pinecone

  • Cash paid via check
  • Cash paid via PayPal
  • Merchandise
  • Retail e-vouchers
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Movie vouchers
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • VISA prepaid cards
  • Home Depot gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards




16. Opinion Outpost –  Very reputable panel. Offers online surveys, mobile surveys and a referral program. Points redeemable via check or Paypal. You don’t have to wait to be emailed surveys. you can just login to your account and they always have extra surveys you can take anytime. If for any reason you get disqualified for a survey, you will automatically be entered into a $10,000 quarterly cash draw.

Point System – 100 points ($10) for PayPal payments, 50 points ($5) for Amazon gift cards

Rewards Offered With Opinion Outpost (Fast Delivery)

  • Amazon gift cardsaaaaopinion_outpost
  • Cash paid via PayPal
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Donations to charity
  • Sweepstakes entries




17. Global Test Market UK –  Online survey program that earns by points. Each survey is typically 10 to 20 minutes and also 1 point = approximately $0.05. Payments are by Paypal, Check or Gift card and you can request payment after you have gained approximately 1200 points or $50. Gift card points are a bit less (1000 points = a $50 giftcard).

Age & Country Accepted: Residents worldwide, age 14+

  • Earning Opportunitiesaaaaglobal-test-market
  • Online surveys
  • IT surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Teen surveys
  • Mobile app
  • Refer-a-friend program




New Survey Programs to Try

CashEpic & Dollar Loop seem to be some New kids on the block. I really couldn’t find too much information on them and have not had time to join them yet. However, I thought I would add them to the mix in case you wanted to give them a try. They’re FREE so I don’t see the harm. I wouldn’t spend all your days and nights on it, but if you feel like just giving them a whirl, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. If they don’t pan out, I will be SURE to let everyone know.


18. CashEpic.com – Online survey program includes cheap stuff, deals, coupons, shopping, and more..


19. DollarLoop.com  – Complete the survey for your rewards. Contests, cash prizes, games, and more.


Paid to Shop Sites


20. .  Club Shop –  Club shop is nothing new, they’ve been around since 1997. It’s pretty simple and similar to the programs listed below like Ebates and Mr Rebates. Just Shop at the club shop mall and get cash back! They have tons of top of the line retailers including Best Buy, Nautica, Old Navy, Gap, Dell, Walmart, The Home Depot & So much more…Earn club cash when shopping at any club shop retail stores online, receive great discounts,and also earn on referrals.


FUNDRAISING – You can get donations simply from customers and their shopping habits.

When ClubShop Members earn ClubCash or discounts you gain repeat sales from members who are willing to spend more cash.




21.  Ebates – Ebates is a shopping rebate system where you receive cash back on all items you purchase through their many epic stores.There’s a $5 sign up bonus and a $10 bonus gift certificate just for joining. They have over 1500 incredible shops to choose from and now offer a very convenient mobile app. You can optionally Read the Full Review below or just click on the link to join now.



22.  Mr. Rebates –  This one’s very similar to Ebates. It’s Free to join with a $5 joining bonus. They pay by Paypal or check and cash out is a $10 minimum. You get 20% cashback on your shopping items, all top notch stores and shipping is free on all items. You can optionally Read the Full Review below or just click on the link to join now.




23. Unique Rewards – 7 different ways to get paid including surveys, video and radio viewing and listening, paid emails and shopping. Pays by paypal, $20 minimum earning level.You can optionally Read the Full Review below or just click on the link to join now.




Make Money Selling your old cell phones or

used laptops



24. Technollo –  Technollo was founded in 2011 and has remained to be one of the most well respected businesses used to buy back any used phone or laptops. They’re based in Based in Austin, Texas.



Any offer that you receive from Technollo is valid for 30 days. Payment is issued the day that they receive your electronic gadget and you have the choice of check or PayPal payment.   PayPal payments are sent the day they receive your phone. However, If the payment is by check, it may take up to 5 business days before you receive your payment. Your money is usually in your PayPal account 24-48 hours after they receive your device. There are no additional fees for shipping, it is 100% FREE. Technollo currently accepts cell phones, tablet computers and digital cameras, however they will shortly be accepting even more goods such as GPS systems, MP3 players & more…




Mystery Shopping

25. Jobs2Shop – This one’s a Mystery shopping site. You can get paid to shop and evaluate different products from your own home. You can earn up to $85 per product evaluation. $25 minumum payout. Must be a USA Resident.






Get Paid to Sell Stuff Online


26. Shopee –  Great way to earn money fast. Make money selling your stuff on shopee. No download cost, no listing fees, no commission. Shopee Guarantee ensures payment is sent to the seller only after the buyer receives their purchase.


Places to Pay You to Sell Your Clothes



27. Rent or Sell Your old Clothes Online

I have a bad habit of holding onto clothes that don’t necessarily fit me anymore. They still are like brand new because sadly I bought them when I had just lost about 25 lbs. Unfortunately, before I could even wear them twice, I gained my weight back.

If you’re like me and have a closet full of clothes that either don’t fit anymore or you just don’t wear, why not make a few extra bucks renting or selling your clothes out to people who may really like them?

Here are a few sites that do this very thing. You can visit

icon-chevron-circle-right Tradesy

icon-check-circle-o SnapGoods.com

icon-chevron-circle-right Loanables.com

icon-check-circle-o RentNotBuy.com




28. Earn Talk Time – Unique Earning android app – earn in multiple ways…



Over 1.3 crores Earn Talktime users have earned more than Rs.55 Crores of talk time. Earn Talktime makes it easy to earn money by downloading the best free android apps, reading horoscope, tarot, bollywood gossips, filling surveys, etc from your mobile earn talktime is the first app to give you unlimited mobile prepaid recharges, DTH top-ups, postpaid bill payments and much more.



Did You Know You Can Switch Out Your Gift card For a Better One and Save too?

Earn $5 Off Your Choice of ANY Gift Card
Just for Signing Up!



Swappable is one of the most unique programs I’ve come across that involves selling and trading popular gift cards of all kinds. When you buy from swappable, you also earn Swappable Reward Dollars. This means when you buy a $25 gift card you get $1 off, $50 gift card – you get $2 off, $100 gift card is $3 off and so on…

Swappable sure comes in handy. I myself can’t even count how many times I’ve received gift cards for an occasion such as Mother’s Day, My Birthday or some Holiday and many times It’s from someplace I would never shop at! Of course you won’t tell your friends or loved ones something like that. Usually they will give you the receipt, so they never have to know, but it’s really more convenient this way and not only that, you can save money at the same time.

Swappable generates a cashback reward system through every purchase made by you. This is a great and convenient way to get cash back on gift card purchases. You can obtain many various gift cards such as Amazon, Target, Ebay and more… It’s also beneficial when you purchase a gift card for someone else and it is they whom wanted a different type of card instead. This also allows them to switch the card out at swappable for any other card they really want. Swappable comes with a great phone app you can download easily on your android. Also good for if you forget your gift card at home, no problem! It makes it really convenient when your in the stores shopping.

Hint: You get the best discount if you start out with the $25 discount card.

Check out Swappable Now and get $5 off ANY Gift Card


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