Data Entry Franchise Positions: Includes Ad Posters, Form Fillers, Home Typists & More…


Franchise positions open for the following websites

Each program has openings for ALL countries including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Canada, USA & more…


What Is Included With A Franchise Package & What Does A Franchisee Earn?

A franchise owner gets their own certificate a a Franchise Owner of the website they join. The franchisee gets the following things listed below.

1. Their own pre built website with web tracking and their own login to view all stats and earnings.

2. They get one ad Posting/ form filling or Basic Typing Package of their choice worth $100.

3. They get a BONUS AFFILIATE MARKETING TRAINING PROGRAM (normally $50 to join). This is an amazing package that includes over $5000 worth of information, tools, software and ebooks.

4. If they are the first member to join under their country they will be the LEADER of that program which means they get a percentage of any signups under them as well.

5. Franchise owners can earn in multiple ways. Their main job is posting ads and any sales they generate they earn 50% of. That means if they get a franchise signup that is a $125 earning. Imagine multiple earnings like this. The smallest earning for a package for a franchisee is $25 each.

6. Franchise owners also are able to do assignments with their assignment package and earn for each ad posted that way in addition.

7. Franchise owners get extra bonuses when the generate a specific amount of monthly sales. See below. Lisa-money_flying-transparent


Refer 10 Members Earn Bonus $100
Refer 20 Members Earn Bonus $200
Refer 30 Members Earn Bonus $300
Refer 50 Members Earn Bonus $500
Refer 100 Members Earn Bonus $1,000

This is the HIGHEST EARNING PACKAGE. Maximum earning allowed is $10,000 for this package.


To sign up to be a franchise member you can select ANY of the links above.

Smaller Jobs packages also includeaguyoncomp

Ad Posting

Form Filling

Copy & Paste

Basic Typist

Research Assistant

Email List Compiler

Research Email Typist

Mini Combo (All 3 packages)

Super combo (All 5 packages)



Shortcuts to Cash

Typing at Home

Work From Home wizards



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