How to Sell Your Old Books When You’re Desperate for Cash!

aaabook-610334When you’re in a crunch and need money quickly, you’ll do almost anything to get ahold of a few bucks. Borrowing money is the last thing anyone ever wants to have to do. These are the times you need to be creative and instead of hawking your favorite jewelry or your hi fi television set, there’s other things you can sell.


Sell your Books For Extra Cash

Selling your books is probably not something you’ve ever thought of. It’s one of the great rewards of being an avid reader in that you can always cash in when you need extra dough. Here are a few great places I’ve gathered for you where you can buy and sell books.


1. Ecampus

Ecampus is a book store that buys, sells and rents books and text books. They have been around since 1999 and are very popular among the student world. Ecampus is quite a reputable establishment and a great place for students or any book collector to make money off their books.


Rules For Ecampus Before Selling Your Books

  • Make sure to be honest about the condition of your book because they reserve the right to keep the book without paying you if they cannot sell it due to being in bad condition.(Make sure to read their idea of what “Good Condition” is to them on their website.)
  • Ecampus will issue you a quoted price that is only good for 7 days so you MUST make sure to send the book within that time frame in order to get the quoted buyback deal.
  • Ecampus supplies free shipping labels to return your books, but you must supply the box or envelope yourself.


How Ecampus Works

When you go to the website, you will simply enter the textbooks ISBN number located on the barcode of the book (Usually).
The buyback price will popup and if you are happy with the price quoted then just continue and select the books you wish to sell. You then just follow the steps listed, make a print of your free shipping label that you will put on your box and mail your books out.

Ecampus pays by either check, direct deposit to your account or they will give you credit for their store. They also sell other things such as DVD’S as well as rent books in case you ever want to buy from them in the future.

Payments sent out to you can take a few weeks or so after they have received your books, so be a little patient. It would be a good idea to compare prices between the other sites listed on this page so you can get the best price for your books.


2. Betterworldbooks 

Betterworldbooks was founded in 2002 in Indiana by 3 friends from the University of Notre Dame. Betterworldbooks has a library of about eight million new and used titles and at least at least 35 different categories. They also have managed to maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They collect and sell books in order to donate these books to help educate the less fortunate.
Betterworldbooks works basically the same as Ecampus. In order to get your books priced out, just go to their search box and enter your books ISBN. If for any reason your book doesn’t have that you can just enter the authors name and/or the title of the book.


3. Abe Books

Abebooks accepts new or used books unlike Ecampus that only accepts used ones. The first thing you will do is set up your buyback account with abebooks. After signup is complete you may then login and enter your ISBN for your book or books. You will then see a button that you simply will click on to view the price of the book. It is then up to you to accept or deny the price for the book. After this you will then print off the shipping information given to you and just to remind you, shipping is 100% free.

So no damage happens to any of the books, abe will suggest you to wrap them in bubblewrap. Abe Books allows you to sell up to 5 of the same textbooks. Because there is a limit to how many books you can sell, it is suggested you use different programs to sell your books.That is, if you have a lot more to sell.


Getting Paid

Before payment, Abe Books will first evaluate your books condition. If they find that it is good enough to buy, they will give you the choice to be paid either by Paypal or by check. People with paypal accounts usually receive payment within a few days (1 to 3 days afters evaluation.) Check payments are same time frame, but of course it takes longer to receive a check in the mail.


4. Amazon

Amazon now has a great Textbook Buyback Program that pays you with a Gift card. Amazon offers free UPS shipping and work the same as basically all of the other book stores mentioned above as far as shipping and the basic rules go. The only difference with Amazon is they don’t pay in cash, they pay with a gift card. However, if you want to get cash instead for your gift card you can always sell it to Swappable which is a site that buys and sells gift cards (See Below).


Use Swappable to Trade in Your Gift Cards $5 Signup Bonus

Swappable is a Mobile App that Allows Consumers to Buy, Share, Personalize and Swap Gift Cards. There are a lot of sites just like Swappable that will buy and sell your unwanted gift cards, but swappable is my personal favorite. If you don’t want to sell your cards, then alternatively you can buy one or trade any existing ones you have. You get a $5 bonus when you buy your first card and you get any gift card of your choice.


Selling Your Card On Swappable

Selling your card on Swappable is easy too. They have a regular website and also a convenient phone app that makes everything extremely accessible.  Swappable functions as a marketplace for buyers and sellers, which makes it easy to either swap or sell your card. And if you have extra cards laying around still from Christmas, you can cash in for a few more extra bucks.

Click Here to Visit Swappable


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