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My Points Overview is an online survey program among other things and has been online since 2004. My Points offers multiple ways to earn money online through various programs. In order to be a part of My Points, you must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the U.S. or Canada.To begin my review, I have first listed all the different programs My Points currently offers to it’s members below.

Online Surveys
Online Games
Easy Points
Booking Travel Plans
Searching the Web
Printing Coupons


General Information About My Points

As the name indicates, My Points is a rewards systems that allows members to accumulate points for rewards. This can be done by taking online surveys, reading emails, Printing out coupons, Playing Games and more… Points are redeemable with gift cards, travel miles or cash just to name a few.


The Following Lists the Type of Rewards Offered 

Amazon gift cards
Cash through PayPal
iTunes gift cards
Starbucks gift cards
Walmart gift cards
Retail e-vouchers
Charity Donations

Ways to Redeem Your Points

Gift Cards
Visa Prepaid Cards
Red Cross Donations
Air Miles


How You Earn Points


Clicking Emails – You earn points by clicking on emails and it’s 5 points to visit the site which is roughly $0.035 per email. This takes usually only takes less than 15 seconds per email.

Refer a Friend – This is another great way to earn points. You earn 25 points when anyone you refer joins. You also earn 10% of any earnings they make from then on out. This goes for each person you refer.

Shopping For Points – Shopping for points is even better than referring friends because you earn the points quickly. You get a percentage back for shopping. Something like 2 points on the dollar, usually. There are 100+ Mobile optimized companies to shop at with My Points, so you’ll never have a hard time finding a good store.

Surveys – They send them to your email and they’re worth 50 points each which is equal to $0.35. These only take about 10 minutes to complete. However, if you start doing the survey, but don’t end up qualifying, you still earn 10 points which is about $0.07.  One of the first questions you are asked is, “Do you or anyone in your household works in “Marketing or Market Research.” If you say “Yes”, you will be disqualified for that survey.

Easy Points – Easy points is an additional option to earn points. They give you different random offers that you can click on and answer “Yes” or “No” if you’re interested. Even if you click “No”. They still reward you 5 points, or $0.035 just for clicking on it, which I think is really cool.


Extra Tools


My Points offers a pretty neat downloadable tool. When you are searching for shopping vendors and you want to know if they are sponsored with My Points, they will light up on your computer screen when you run your mouse on the vendor to let you know. Once you click on it, it activates your points which goes automatically into your account once your purchase it complete. If you’re not visiting a retailer site, you can’t even see it on the screen. It stays hidden, but you know it’s there.


Redemption Amounts

They say it’s a 500 cash reward redemption minimum however, each reward has it’s own required points which means there’s not really a cashout minimum.


Disadvantages of MyPoints


Well, the one obvious disadvantage is, you’re not gonna get rich or be able to earn a full time income with any of these types of programs. I think most people are pretty clear on that fact. I’ve heard some people state they think this is too much work or it’s too time consuming, so you really have to figure out what it is you want as far as income levels and time consumption. Not only that, but  asks yourself about difficulty level. Because, if you’re looking for something that carries a lot bigger reward, you have to expect a lot more work than this which will have more of a difficulty factor. So, it’s really an individual decision.

Kelly’s Final Verdict

One thing that always impresses me about these types of money making opps is when they get a good BBB rating. “My Points” has an A+, which is not easy to keep, seeing as how many people join their site day to day. This really speaks volumes on their popularity and reputation. I do not solely rely on the BBB when they give a bad rating because I know how some people can never be pleased in this world, but when you get an A+, that’s highly difficult to achieve. So, as far as my opinion with My Point, I personally think they are an exceptional company. I would most definitely recommend them to my readers if what you’re looking for is an easy way to earn extra money. If you are interested in learning more about My Points or signing up, remember they are 100% free to join. Just click on the button below.

My Points Website





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