My Top 5 Favorite Survey Sites Of ALL time

Here are my 5 favorite survey sites that are
definitely WORTH your time


aabtoppaid78373264There are literally hundreds if not thousands of online survey sites that want your business. Some have true intentions and some are just out to take your business and never pay you a dime. Those are the sites I try to weed out for you so you don’t end up taking a boat load of surveys basically for free, which defeats the entire purpose. You deserve to be paid for your time. The only time It should be acceptable is when these companies ask you to do a quick overview just to see if you qualify. These should not take up more than a minute or two of your time (Not 20 minutes!).

Here are my 5 favorite survey picks that are definitely WORTH your time

1. Pinecone Research –  Pays $3 to per survey for only around 10 minutes of your time. There are no minimum amount for withdrawal and you can do your very first survey right after you complete sign up. You never have to ask for payment with this one. There very fast and they just pay you.  Points and cash are redeemed through Paypal or check.

2. Opinion Outpost –  Very well known and reputable panel. Opinion Outpost pays between $1.50 to $4.00 per survey and it’s a $5 minimum payout. The great thing is payouts are super fast. I usually seem to get qualified for most all the surveys. All Points earned can be redeemed either from check or Paypal and also can be exchanged for some really cool prizes as well.

3. Ipsos I-Say – This one is the godfather of all online surveys. This one hosts some of the most highest paying survey sites available online. All new members qualify for a chance to win $1000 Cash Sweepstakes.Everytime you click on a survey, you have a chance to win a mass of prizes. Points redeemable with  Paypal, check, Amazon GC, etc..

4. Vindale Research Mobile – Earn money for doing multiple tasks such as reading advertisements, taking surveys or making referrals. Must be 18 or older. Payouts are by PayPal or check. $50 is the minimum earning, however, with all the earning opportunities this should not be too hard to achieve.

5. Valued Opinions – You can earn by taking Surveys for cash and rewards with Gift Certificates from the most Major Retailers. Areas include – North America, Europe, Oceania. There’s a $20 payout minimum. Pays cash via PayPal or Amazon e-gift cards. Must be 16 or older.

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Recommended For Survey Newbies

If you are a newbie to taking online surveys, you may get a little overwhelmed at first. Don’t!
Here are some good steps to follow that can really help you make the most out of doing surveys online.

Getting Started:

 icon-envelope-o Step 1: The first thing you need to do is set up a new email address that you’ll use just for the survey sites. You don’t want to use your primary email address for this. They will send you a
lot of email inviting you to complete surveys or other offers.

I prefer to use a free Yahoo email address myself, because they usually don’t mark survey
email as spam. But you can use who ever you like, another good choice is and with them you can simply WHITELIST each survey program. If you don’t know how to Whitelist just type it in Google and you’ll find plenty of easy step by step instructions.

When applying there may be a waiting list, get on it. If you are told
to wait till so and so date, make a note of it and then when that date
comes around, apply. Be consistent and the work will come.

Build Your Reputation

When you get jobs or survey work, do them ON TIME, and the best you
can. You want the companies to use you again and again.

This is important:  Never, never, go off subject or inject your personal feelings unless
specifically asked too.

Also write clearly, and neatly and just be yourself. Trying to sound too professional could do you more harm than good. Don’t try to use big words or use words you normally would not use in everyday conversations. Once a company finds someone
that they like, that person will placed high on their list.

Good Luck!

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