20 Ways to Win a Free IPhone or Cash!

aawiniphone-9334It’s always nice to get free stuff. I find that most people don’t enter into free giveaways because they never feel they’re going to win. However, if you up the ante and submit to a lot of them at one time, you will raise the odds of winning.


I personally love getting gifts and anything free, even if I don’t need it. I am not an avid sweepstakes gal but I have entered into quite a few of them this past year. I just don’t see the harm in giving a simple email or filling out a short form if I can possibly get something free out of it. I recently entered a quiz contest where they give you a specific question you have to answer within 3 seconds. I actually won a beautiful citizens watch. It was worth around $200 when I had it appraised at the citizens jewelry store. I also won about $325 in cash (All at different times.) I’ve won a samsung phone and I’ve won several small items including makeup, anti aging samples, lotions, soaps and some other small stuff. I figure if I get anything I don’t need I’ll just give it away as a gift to some of my friends.


Here are some easy giveaways where you can win an iphone, cash and/or gift certificates to shop at your favorite stores. If you are afraid of spam or don’t want to use your regular email I suggest you sign up with a free gmail and only use it specifically for the giveaways.


Iphone Giveaways – Enter to Win


1.CellPhoneReward – Apple iPhone 6S (US)
Just enter your email and have the chance to win an Apple iPhone 6S.

2. Lifestyles – iPhone 5C  – with an iPhone
How would you like to win a free iPhone 5C? Enter now!

3. ChoiceSurveyGroup – iPhone 5S
Take 5 seconds to try and win a iPhone 5S.

4. Aldaniti – Smartphone Sweeps (UK)
Need a smartphone? Enter to win now!

5. ChoiceGiftRewards – Apple iPhone (US)
Get a free Apple Iphone if you win!

6. BritPoll – Win an iPhone 6 (UK)
Enter to win an Iphone 6

7. QF – iPhone 6 
Get a free Iphone 6 if you win!

8. SEG – iPhone vs Samsung  (AU)
Enter to win a brand new Iphone.

9. Quiz Giant – iPhone 6  (IN)
Enter to win an incredible iPhone 6!

10. Joker Quiz – Win an iPhone 6S
Take an easy quiz for a chance to win an Iphone 6S.

11. HotGiftsNow – Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 (US)

Enter to win a Galaxy S4 or an Iphone 5 today!

12. WinningSurveys – Apple iPhone 6S (US) or cash
Enter your email for a chance to win a cool Iphone 6S or get Cash!


Enter to Win – Cash

13. MyOffers – Win £3,000 to Spend at Morrisons (UK)
Win £3,000 and buy anything from clothes to any tech gadgets you need at Morrisons!

14. Lifestyles – £15,000 Cash 
Submit your email and have a chance to win a whopping $15000!

15. MyOffers – Win £2,000 to Spend at ASDA (UK)
Enter to win £2,000 to go shopping at ASDA.

16. ChoiceGiftRewards – $500 Macy’s Gift Card
Enter to win $500 to spend at Macy’s store.

17. ChoiceSurveyGroup – $500 eBay Gift Card (Submit)
Enter your email to win an incredible $500 gift card from Ebay.

18. GSC – $500 QVC Shopping Spree (US)
Do you love QVC? Enter for a chance to win $500 to buy ANYTHING from the QVC Superstore!

19. AS – $500 Kohls Gift Card (US)
Enter to win a cool $500 givecard at Kohls.

20. Win £1000 to Spend at Topshop (UK)

Possibly win a  £1,000 shopping spree at Topshop!



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