www.thelazytypist.com Review For Sale

lazytypistThe lazy typist creation date was 2009. so it’s 7 years old. Thelazytypist.com is a membership site for affiliate marketing. It doesn’t seem that the owner has done too much advertising on it but looking further into the site  the value is around $5000 estimated at that rate which includes the membership site. I  contacted the owner of the site and asked to do this review on the premise that he let me login to his back office and see what exactly what he is offering.

The Thelazytypist.com has quite an extensive back office with approximately 30 pages plus the seven basic pages in the headquarters. The site is simple and to the point. It is easy to read and understand the concept of the site. Navigation is great and overall it provides a lot of useful information in it’s training area.


The back office starts off with step by step training regarding affiliate work from home and how to achieve the most money by following these certain techniques.


What I like about The Lazy Typist is the instructions are precise and easy to follow and basically anyone with basic common sense can read, understand and follow the program. I also appreciate the many bonus gifts provided as an extra bonus. These gifts include marketing software such as article marketing, full training guide ebooks and step by step videos which make the member understand the concept of the business very effectively.


Membership sites in the Work From Home Niche are by far one of the easiest ways to earn money on the web. Many people think that shopping sites such as Amazon and big, well known companies are the ones that make the most money, but that’s not necessarily true. Shopping Sites like this take serious spending towards advertising a can break you in one day if you don’t know what you’re doing.


About 7 years ago there was an explosion of these data entry training sites and they gave other sites such competition that they literally did everything they could to tear these sites down and give them a bad rap. Since 2014 these sites are slowly creeping up again and this time with a vengeance. If you are a newbie and want to have your own thriving business but don’t know where to start, try this type of membership site. Each sale is $50. The average sales on these type of sites are at least 5 to 10 sales a week just based off of minimal free marketing efforts.

Whether you want to be a consumer and learn how to start your own affiliate marketing gig or if you want to have a site just like this, it is certainly obtainable. The site seems to be for sale for the very small price of About $600. That’s a steal and if you are looking for an easy business that will profit easily, this is it. The fact that it is a membership site adds thousands of dollars to the value. This type of site can easily sale for $5000 on Flippa. If you are interested in the purchase of this site you can contact the owner at –info@thelazytypist.com


Best of luck!

Written by Kelly Watson