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Learn How To Make Up To $200 Per Day Typing From home With Non-Traditional Data EntryIts raining money

Most newbies with an interest in doing data entry from home often fall prey to many scams or they end up with an actual program that had the potential to work but was given either vague information or training that started at an advanced level. When you are a newbie or a beginner, it’s dire that you get the proper training starting from scratch. I hear a lot of people saying oh I tried that but I didn’t make anything so I gave up. This is one of the number one reasons why many fail. Many people who offer training for this type of business have been in it for so long forget about dire basics and start their training at an intermediate level rather than a newbie level. In other words, you wouldn’t start a 9th grader out with college courses.

I want to introduce you to a program that’s been around for several years now and offers amazingly simple to learn step by step training that’s ideal for newbies or for anyone who has tried before to make money online and has failed.

Now there are several different types of data entry. The main 2 types is non traditional and traditional. Non traditional is often referred to as “affiliate marketing”. Which means you provide typing for the purpose of generating sales and you get paid from commissions. Now a lot of people are intimidated from the sound or thought of selling something, however, you are not selling anything. You are referring which is a big difference.

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The traditional data entry is things such as transcription jobs which pay per job basis or an hourly rate.

The problem with so many people seeking traditional data entry is 98% do not possess the necessary skills required for this high demanding proefession. Many data entry seekers underestimate the demands of this job. Many of them simply do not have the skills to do this type of work. Being able to type at 65 WPM does not qualify you to perform this type of job. Most people need college credentials in this specific field in order to even get on a list. It is a highly competitive field and you must have well above average typing and grammar skills, you need to be highly organized and there are many software requirements among other things .Typos are not acceptable for a medical transcriptionist. You must be able to accurately type at a fast speed because a slow medical transcriptionist will be a hungry medical transcriptionist.



The great thing about non traditional data entry jobs is there are no specific requirements or experience required and the money one can make is much more than a traditional home typist could make.  Although they are commission based jobs the commissions are quite generous. Most company will pay from 50%-75% commission of an individual sale generated by your paper work. This could be simple ad posting, writing articles, writing reviews or writing in job boards and forums. Typing speed is not a factor nor is spelling/grammar as it is a matter of doing a simple spell check and copy and paste work.


The great thing about non traditional data entry is having a website is not a necessity. You can earn solely off of other peoples successful and well know, top earning websites without having your own. You don’t have to worry about talking to anyone, selling anything or delivering any products. The company does everything. All you do is refer them to the business at hand and watch the money roll in. For the average newbie that knows little to nothing about running a business, this is ideal.

What The Make-N-Dollars Program Offers

Make-n-dollars is a step by step training program in which you enter your own members area. See some of the things it offers below





Full Business Training Center
Regular Membership
Full Affiliate Marketing course
1. Blogging Course Step By Step
2. Article Marketing Video Series
3. Amazon Affiliate Training Course
4. WordPress 16 video Training Series

Bonus VIP Area (Included FREE)
1. General audio Transcription Training Package
2. Response Typist Program Training
3. Telecommuting/Data Entry Job Database
4. 100% Free Survey List and Guide

Affiliate marketing is one of the top chosen businesses for people whom have no real experience and want to make a substantial amount of income whether you want to work full time or in your spare time. There have been many surveys done on which are the top 10 earning opportunities on the web and affiliate marketing is always at the top of that list.

If you are dead set on transcriptions or traditional data entry make-n-dollars also includes a full database of real data entry jobs in their VIP section along with full transcription training. The program has over 50 business training ebooks, 2 step by step 16 video series training on article marketing and affiliate marketing along with resell rights worth over $1200.



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