Copy & Paste Jobs In India


 Ready To Start Making some Easy money?

Copy & paste jobs are one of the simplest ways to make money from home and is a great opportunity for Indian residents. There is no creating or real thinking involved. The company does most all of the work for you. All you have to do is copy their lines and paste it into different places such as a blog, a free classified, a testimonial, a review site, a comment box and many things like this. Any additional form filling gets automatically filled by the form filling software provided by the company.

Copy & paste work can be done by anyone and is offered globally. InternetPros is an excellent company that offers this package and the great thing is they have absolutely no country restrictions unlike other companies, so no matter where in the world you live , you will be able to get paid.  Payments are by western union, paypal, check by mail or direct bank transfer.


How Can I Trust This company Is Legitimate?

I would not list anything that I haven’t checked out first hand or done myself. I personally have worked for this company ran by Sari Balhi and I was paid several times for my work. I dabble in many different types of work at home opportunities and like you, I am always on the lookout for new extra ways to earn money from home.


holding-moneyHow Much Money Can I Make?


Each job package has a different earning limit all the way up to $3000 per month. You get paid by each assignment you do and the payments by paypal are instant. If you want to be paid in the other ways you have a $100 minimum earning level. You can do as much work as you can handle. The program provides you with work to do all month long. All you have to do is login to your back office and there you will be able to access several different assignments at any given time. They give you 28 days to complete all your work, so there is no rush to finish and there is no termination if you don’t get any work done.


How Can I find Out More Information?

InternetPros.Biz has several pages that will explain their program thoroughly to you. The first page you can view is their FAQS page. You can also view the following pages Demo, Sample Forms, Job Plan & cost, Job Overview, Payment Proof.


What Do I Need To Qualify?

These types of jobs are available to almost anyone. Here are the basic requirements below.

1. Must be 18 or older

2. Must have internet access

3. Must be mentally capable of understanding and following written instructions

Whether you are new to the internet or you’ve tried many different work programs, copy and paste jobs are about as easy as they come. There is some work involved as with any job so I’m not saying money will fly out of your computer by doing absolutely nothing, however, It’s about as simple as it gets. You never have to worry about tax deductions, you don’t have a boss, you can work whenever you want and you can choose your own assignments. There are several different types of assignments you can do along with different job packages. Many countries have partaken in this field of work like Nigeria, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, USA, Canada and more… There are no restrictions on where you live, it does not matter. The company (Internetpros) will pay out in any way you choose. For more information on this amazing job program simply click below…



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  • Gayathri Balachandran

    I want to work in internet.I think copy paste work is good

  • I am interested for online job work.

    Request to provide more details.


  • Dipankar Chakraborty


    I am looking for a genuine organization with whom I could work from home online, in different internet based activities.

    I am not ready to pay any registration fees or joining fees as most of organizations are nowadays fake and does not keep promises in their payments after they take the registration fees.

    Hence, if you offer genuine hoem based internet jobs, please send me all details in my email. Alternatively you could also call me at my cell +91-8335038671.


  • hi i need to work online please advice.

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