Can You Really Make Money With SendEarnings? Full Review

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Send earnings is owned and run by another very popular site called Inbox Dollars which are both owned by CotterWeb Enterprises. Both programs are ran in very similar ways in that you earn rewards by completing multiple tasks online. These are the tasks that you will be asked to do in order to earn with Send Earnings. See below.


1. Taking Surveys

2. Playing Games

3. Shopping Online

4. Redeeming Coupons

5. Trying Products

6. Completing Offers

7. Reading Emails

8. Referrals

Getting Started With SendEarnings

Sendearnings is extremely simple to do. All you do is sign up with your email, then confirm your sign up by clicking on the link they send you afterwards as a reply. Just a little advice. Whenever you sign up with any program that may send a lot of emails, you should never use your main email address because it could get filled up with a bunch of spam looking emails eventually. This could get overwhelming. Especially if you’re joining multiple programs and using the same email address. I suggest signing up with one simple gmail address and whitelisting each program and labeling each one so you can separate all of the emails from each other. If you don’t know how to do this, just type in Google “whitelist for gmail” and you will find many different places that offer step-by-step instructions on how to easily do this.


SendEarnings Welcome Page



How to Earn Money With SendEarnings

Unlike many other sites that typically pay through points, sendearnings rewards its members with cash, which is what most people really like about this program. You typically earn .50 cents per survey completed and there’s a great $5 sign up bonus (Don’t we always love those.) There is also an additional list of tasks worth .50 cents each, so earnings can add up pretty quickly.


There are several multiple options on earning money with Sendearnings. Let’s go over all of them below.


1. Surveys


The great thing about programs like this that offer several different earning options is, if you don’t qualify for a survey, you will always have plenty of other ways to earn until you do. The good thing about sendearnings is the pre survey questionnaire is pretty short too.

 2. Offers

When you try the offers, some are free and some are trial offers. Some surveys may also fall under this category as well. Completing offers is definitely one of the best ways to earn money with this program.

Type of Offers

The type of offers can range from filling out specific types of surveys for cash. Joining certain programs, signing up for different types of sample products and more… Each offer is categorized and will let you know if they are completely free, if they involve a trial service, if they’re a groupon or just a simple survey. If you don’t feel comfortable spending money on offers (because you’re worried you won’t get a return in your investment) you can always just stick to only free offers.

3. Search

Sendearnings has their own search engine connected to their website.

For your first 5 qualified searches you will earn $0.01. Then after that it’s $0.01 after every 2 qualified searches. Reported maximum earning daily are up to $0.15. Of course it’s not a lot of money, but the thing is, every little bit adds up over time and it’s virtually effortless.

4. Games

Unless you already play games on a regular basis and are spending money on them, this type of earnings is not recommended. It’s a whole lot more complicated than it sounds and involves cash back rewards, so it’s not just simply playing games for easy earnings.

5. Reading Emails

You’ll be sent several emails in your inbox per week. Each email is worth between .03 and .10 cents.

6. Coupons

For every coupon you redeem, you’ll get paid $0.10. This is another great way to earn cash. This can be especially good to plan around your regular grocery shopping days.

7. Videos

I do not particularly think this is the best method of earning and I wouldn’t recommended your time being dedicated to videos unless of course you already do this on a regular basis. They only pay   $.01 per video so not a lot of return for your time.

8. Referrals

You earn 10% of any earnings they make through your referrals. There are definitely better referral programs than this, so not really impressed with their referral system.

Payment Details


  • Payment threshold; $30 is the minimum payout amount. Seems like a lot, but with all the other earning potentials it’s not too bad.
  • Ways they pay: They pay by check.


Kelly’s Final Verdict


The truth is, every program has there pros and cons and Sendearnings is no different. However, when making your final decisions there are 3 very important things to remember.

  1. Is it free to join? – YES
  2. Does it have a good reputation? – YES
  3. Do they really pay their members? – YES

Although you may not make the amount of money you really want to make, it’s free money. Plus, this is only one site. You mix up a few different similar good sites together and you’ve got yourself a nice little earning method.

Do I recommend Sendearnings? – YES


Join Sendearnings Here

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