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Memolink Surveys Review

Memolink is an online survey program giving you the chance to earn rewards in return for your opinion. You earn not only through online surveys, but also for shopping too. The cons are – you do not get paid cash. This is a point only program. However, there are a  lot of pros as well.Your earned points can be traded for many useful things such as different types of pretty cool gift cards.

Memolink Surveys basics $5 earned just for signing up. US members accepted. Earn points for cash, gift cards & more…

You can always use your rewards towards gifts for some of your friends and family. Think about it, christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, easter, baby showers, etc... I means the list goes on… All year round you have different occasions where you need to supply gifts. So using rewards programs like this can really save you lots of money in that way as well if you do the math.


Check out Possible Redeemable  Items

There are a lot of top notch and cool items located on the redemption page. You can get Redeemable points through places like Dillard’s gift card, Amazon, Facebook credits, Wal-Mart, Red Lobster, McDonald’s etc.. I don’t know about you but these are some pretty great places for gifts for friends or just for yourself.

What Places Can You Shop at To Earn Money?

Well you will be much more impressed by this list. So far you can get points with Memo links from places like Apple,Best Buy,Groupon, Bass Pro, Banana Republic, Bath & Body Works to just get started…

Additional Earning Methods Offered

1. Using coupons
2. Answering trivia
3. Playing games 
4. Completing offers



Unfortunately memolink is restricted to US members only.

1. Free to Join
2.Great Redeemable Items
3.$5 signup bonus.
4. Quality Stores and rewards
1. No Direct cash payouts
2. Not as many shopping sites as some others.

Join Memolink Here


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