Hi, my name is Kelly Watson and I created Genuine Internet Jobs in order to really help people find legitimate jobs from home, whether they be free of charge or paid programs. I (unlike many common opinions) actually know first hand that just because a program comes with a fee does not mean it’s a scam, so please don’t be sucked into that myth. I’ve paid for many programs and have absolutely benefited monetarily through many of them and continue to do so. I am not saying to just trust anything and everything that comes your way because I myself have been scammed many times before. I’ve lost thousands of dollars through the years, however, I’ve also earned thousands of dollars and a lot of business sense. The funny thing is many things I learned was from purchasing those small, inexpensive programs. Many of them ended up being  legitimate and included really great information and invaluable resources. The one thing I have learned and what I like to tell others is patience and consistency is really the key. If you don’t have those two things I can tell you right now, don’t bother trying to work from home. The honest to gods truth is- it’s no different from anything else. If you were studying to become a real estate broker for instance, you’re not going to just get hired and sell a house the very first day. That’s why I truly cannot understand how people honestly believe they’re gonna buy a $50 program and then just start raking in money the very next day. It’s just absurd to me. I think the problem isn’t the internet or the programs sold on the internet, I think the problem is the people on the internet. Many people have purely unrealistic expectations which is why many continuously fail and will continue to fail at everything when they have that mentality. Too many people are feeding others the WRONG advice. Some do it for financial gain (business competitors) and some do it simply because they don’t know any better. If you are listening to these people that go from program to program, give it a try for about 5 minutes and quite, they’re gonna lead you down that same road of failure. Most people who go online and say they tried ‘this and that’ and say it didn’t work I guarantee are those people that were in a hurry, and wanted to make $200 by the next morning. If you go to forums and listen to inexperienced newbies, you will never get anywhere. One thing I like to tell people is that attitude is everything and that attitude can go both ways because at the same token, If you think you’re gonna fail, you probably will.

I created this site to help the newbies by giving them the knowledge, tools & resources to make money from home and also to understand the concept from someone who actually knows working from home is real and you can make money.

We can do this together……


Kelly Watson Mother of 2 beautiful  daughters.


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