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Let me just say this before we get into the details. The number one reason people fail at making money with online surveys or any money making opportunity for that matter is because they don’t have enough patience to research out the good ones. The fact that you are HERE reading this right now means you really want to make some money and not waste your time in the long run.

Doing surveys online can be extremely time consuming if you are just filling out random offers from any old place you found on the internet. The sad hard truth is there are more online survey programs that DON’T pay than there are ones that really do. So, with that being said, I’m really glad you took the time to read this because today is your lucky day! I’m only gonna lead you to the places that REALLY do pay.

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Let’s Talk About SwagBucks


Swagbucks is actually a search engine like Yahoo or Google that pays you to use their search engine. However, it’s also a free online survey site among many other things, which we’ll go over shortly.


SwagBucks started in 2005 and has been able to carry out a good standing relationship with their customers for the past 11 years. Stunningly, they have also been able to carry out a good rating with the BBB which is a major plus in my eyes. The interesting thing about them is they actually pay you with what they call SwagBucks and you’ll learn a little bit more about that below.



Although Swagbucks is not primarily a survey site, it is overall liked the most for being a survey site, but the unique thing about them is that they don’t just pay you for doing one specific thing. They actually offer several other ways to make money, so let’s go through the list.



Ways to Earn With SwagBucks

1. Surveys:

Of course taking surveys for SwagBucks is the best way to earn money from them and will also be the fastest method to earn SwagBucks. Other sources have actually reported earning up to $9 per hour with SwagBucks surveys.




2. Games:


Earn money Playing Games. That’s right! They actually pay you to have fun. Who doesn’t like to play online poker, online bingo or even just some basic solitaire. I love playing solitaire in my spare time. Now I doubt you’re going to earn a boat load of money doing this one, but it’s easy and it’s fun. let’s see what else they offer.



3. Videos:


Yes, I said videos. They will actually pay you to watch videos too. I don’t know about you but there are times I am just stuck on my computer watching different videos on youtube and sometimes I’ll just sit there for hours. I personally love getting makeup and hair tips, anti aging cream reviews and all the typical stuff that women like. So, all in all these are things I already do in my spare time, therefore getting paid for them can only be a plus!



4. Shopping:


Oh, did I tell you they also pay you to shop? Yup. So I’m sure you probably already shop online (as most of us do) so this is just adding money to your wallet. If you’ve ever heard of Ebates, it’s much similar to that. You just go to Swagbucks and shop at any available store they have and they will pay you for every dollar you spend. Remember I told you how they pay you in SwagBucks? So here is a chart of how much they pay per dollar spent.


As you can see at the top there that you’ll earn 3 SwagBucks per every dollar spent at Amazon which equals a 3% earning level.





5. Paid to Search:


Another easy way to earn, yet again, is something you already do and is what they are known for which is searching the internet. You can earn money by using their search engine to run your searches. There search engine is much like Yahoo since it’s powered by them, so it’s still convenient and profitable as well.

It’s really simple to do. All you do is install their browser extension and make them your default browser. After awhile you’ll just forget it’s even there and go about your normal activities. Then one day you’ll login and see all that you’ve earned.






6. Using Coupons at the Grocery Store:


This one I love! I am a bit of a coupon fanatic, so if you’re anything like me, this will be something that (yet again) you already do on the norm. This one is really great because you get a 2 for 1 bonus. Not only do you get some great coupon discounts, you also get extra SwagBucks for each one used. That’s 10 to be exact. That equals out to about 10 cents off each coupon. That’s a pretty nice deal if I do say so myself.


Cashing Out With your SwagBucks – What About Cash?


Each amount of SwagBucks you earn will be exchangable for a gift card of your choice and some of those gifts are cash which can be received through PayPal.


So, although you’re not going to get rich doing surveys, it sure beats scrounging for change on those days when you’re flat out broke! It’ consumes so little of your time and each survey actually tells you the amount of time it takes to complete it. Not to mention all the other ways you earn and are just things you probably already do day to day for free. So why not cash out on those things? It’s literally a Win-Win situation. You can incorporate many other survey sites as well. The more reliable programs you find, the more guaranteed income you have to put in your pocket.



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