5 Top Freebie & Discount Websites


5 Coupon Places You Must Know About


The following savings and Freebie sites below are very similar to Mr Rebates which is also similar to Ebates (See our review HERE). The only difference is, even though you save money the same, they’re not really considered money making programs. These are just great resources to save money on multiple products. These are with things you would buy anyways. That’s what makes these places very important for you to know about. That way you never miss out on all the great freebies and discounts going around. Ever hear about those people that are like coupon addicts to where they can actually shop at a place and the store ends up owing them money? Well, wouldn’t that be nice? Okay, enough of us dreaming. Lets’ get to the websites below.

1. 2000 Freebies

2000 freebies website offers many promos and coupon codes mainly for the US area. 2000 freebies has a PR3 and has a great alexa ranking. They offers things such as money and percentage saving codes of different amounts, many freebie shipping codes and over 2000 freebie and discount products…

2. 2000 Free Products

The Unique things about 2000 Free Products is it offers everything from the latest surveys and cash reward offers, Free Samples, Free antivirus software, baby coupons, pet coupons, Business & education software among so many other cool free things.

3. 3000 Free Goodies

3000 Free goodies is well known and liked for having one of the better coupon deals around. They have all the best freebies on software, magazines, products, samples, free games and more…

 4. Refund Sweepers

 Refund sweepers has thousands of coupons for many great products online. You can find some of the top promo codes on Refund Sweepers. They carry freebies galore, great deals, refund offers and there are just so many different ways to save when you shop. They also have discounts on hotels, travel and many cool gadgets. If you don’t want to spend money,  they also have a TON of great freebie samples.  The free sample products include really good fragrance samples, trash bags, baby stuff, neat 3-D Glasses, cookie chunks, Dental night guard sample, Doggy poop bags, etc..

5. 2000 Freebies Ebook

This is a special ebook created by the company 2000 freebies. This is a complete guide on how to save money with groceries. I don’t know about you but at my age I really have come to love organic food and it’s literally cost me double. This book has given me great tools and resources in order to cut that bill literally back down to almost half. It’s a really worthwhile book if you are spending too much on groceries. This is especially useful for single moms.

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