40 Great and Wacky Things You Can Sell to Make Money

aa40things-3868Selling things is one of the quickest ways you can make an extra few bucks while in the meantime you are searching for long term financial stability.

If you can gather enough ideas of things to sell, you may even be able to make a pretty penny.

Sometimes you’d be surprised in what you can come up with when going through old things in your house, your garage, your attic or even your own mind & body.

Here are some great ideas of things you can do for fast cash. I’ve provided you with some really extraordinary resources below to hopefully get you motivated!



40 Things you Can Sell to Earn Cash!


1. Sell your old macbook, Camera or ipod With Gazelle.com. Gazelle is an incredible place to buy & sell stuff like macbooks, cameras, ipods or other technical things. Most people like to hold onto to old phones or things they may have only used for one day. If you have any sort of old gadgets at home, I would start going through them and gathering them up. It’s a great way to not only get fast cash in your hand, but you can also get better organized and ready for an upgrade. Gazelle’s also great because even if they don’t find anyone to buy your stuff, they will buy it themselves. Therefore you are guaranteed a sale either way!

2.  Get instant CASH for your old smartphone, MP3 player or laptop computer at Technollo. Technollo is another excellent place to sell your cell phones, tablet computers and digital cameras among other things. Technollo’s not as well known as Gazelle because they’re fairly new. They were founded in 2010 but are rapidly growing in the industry and so is their list of recyclables. This is definitely a link you may want to hold onto for the future. Here are some more items you may want to trade for cash – GPS systems, MP3 players and laptop computers. Payments are really fast and you have the choice between check or paypal.

3. IPhone Antidote Primarily Buys old Iphones. IPhone Antidote has a crazy 5 point star rating everywhere you look when rated online. They are a very trustworthy business and have a great rapport with their customers. If you have only an old phone to sell, you will probably get the best deal here, but don’t take my word for it. Make sure to do price comparisons with the other ones like Gazelle and Technollo.




Sell Your Old Books


4. Selling your books is no different from selling your phones and believe it or not, you can make some serious buckaroos by selling your textbooks. That’s why I recommend price checking on who pays better. It’s super simple and will only take you 5 seconds of your time to do price comparisons. You just enter the ISBN number of your book and it will automatically give you a price quote.

If you’re not convinced that you can make a pretty penny from these books, well just read this…

From further research I found (and you can double check yourself) that the seventh edition of “Principles of Microeconomics,” by N. Gregory Mankiw, ISBN 9781285165905 was quoted for $271.95 at one book store. Another was tested and it came out to only $91.55, then another was the lowest quote where it came out to only $41 and some change. So the lesson is, do your research!





  • eCampus.com
    Ecampus is mainly a bookstore for college students. You can sell your books there as long as they are in good condition. They pay you by check or direct deposit.
  • Betterworldbooks.com
    Like Ecampus, you can easily get a quote for your text books worth by entering the ISBN into their system. Better world books pays you by paypal and the shipping is free.
  • Book Mob
    Book mob pays by PayPal, Check or BookMob Credit. If you choose mob credit they will give you an extra 10% credit on your credit. Make sure your books are in good condition because anything they deem in poor condition will be discarded.
  • Abe Books
    You get a FREE trackable FedEx shipping label with every book buyback. Payments for books are made by check or by paypal and the time frame is 1 to 3 days after they process your shipping. Abe claims to have the best buyback price but still I advise you to double check.


5. Amazon is a great place to sell or trade in just about anything. It ranges from books to all sorts of electronics. However you won’t make cash selling to Amazon but instead they will trade your items for an Amazon giftcard. The good news is if you would rather cash you can always go to sites like Swappable and sell your gift card for cash or you can even swap it out for a different type of card. One you’d rather have. They have just about every retail store card you can dream of.


6. IpodMeister buys all CDs and DVDs and most books of any kind. They pay by paypal check or cash and they are based in New York city but will make house calls to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. If you don’t live in these areas, no problemo. They also accept mail in orders.

7. Sell your videos, games or old dvd’s at places like Decluttr.com. There’s many places you can sell these things. You can also sell them at Amazon but they don’t pay out cash, only in gift card credit. They accept  Games, DVDs, Blu-rays, electronics and textbooks. Amazon will cover shipping and pays out in Amazon gift card codes you can apply to your account.

8. Image Kind is a great place that buys and sells art. If you are artistic or have any canvas materials that you’ve even created just for fun, it may be worth a shot to try and sell. I’m certainly not much of a painter, I can’t even really draw but I know people who are great at it. If you have an eye for color and a good imagination why not give it a go?


9. This one’s a little corky but I love the idea. You can sell your friendship. Rent a friend is a unique site where they match you with people who will request a friendship. Whether it just be brief or ongoing they have to pay you and you set up the fee. Wages earned are from $20 an hour and up. Be their friend and give them platonic companionship and they will pay you for your time. Believe me, there’s no hanky panky going on here. This is a site that strictly advertises for friends only and anything else is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

You may think Rent A Friend sounds silly, but my daughters friend actually went on Rent a friend and quickly had people answering her profile on a regular basis requesting her time. She had several people asking her to either show them around town, go on a platonic date or just keep them company. One girl even asked offered to pay her just to talk on the phone because she lived by herself and had panic attacks. So her first time, she met this one guy for coffee. He was a traveler from Saudi Arabia who asked her if she would just take him to interesting places in her town as he was passing through. They ended up meeting at a public pub ,went to eat and then just went to different locations. They enjoyed some hookah, dinner & karaoke. By the time it was over 8 hours had passed and she made close to $300. You can set your own price BTW. Hers was $30 per hour.


10. Sell Your Opinion. Surveys are a great way to earn cash. While you’re scrambling to to find other ways to earn a quick buck it wouldn’t hurt to stop and fill out some surveys.



Here is a list of 6 of my favorites cash paying
survey sites below


  • Surveys4moms – Earn $1-$5 per survey. Get paid bi-weekly via PayPal.
  • Global Test Market UK – Pays by Paypal, Check or Gift cards. Minimum payout is $50.
  • Pinecone –  Pays $3 a survey. May trade points for Paypal or check payment.
  • Ipsos I-Say –  Points redeemable by Paypal, check, Amazon GC.
  • Opinion Outpost –  Points redeemable with Paypal or check.
  • Valued Opinions –  Surveys & rewards. Areas – North America, Europe, Oceania. $20   minimum payout. Pays by PayPal, Amazon, gift cards.

More surveys Here…



Are you the caregiver type? Do you like to
help people?

A great way to get extra money is to offer the following caregiving services below


11. Babysitting; Offer to babysit your niece or nephew or friend’s child for some extra cash.

12. Do you have any skills such as playing an instrument? You can offer different types of tutoring or teaching lessons on craigslist for a small fee.

13. Put out an ad for dog walking. You can post some flyers around your neighborhood and before hand just do a brief price search online and offer yours a bit lower.

14. If you’re not someone who get queasy fast you can offer elderly care. There’s a lot of elderly people that need help with things like getting up and going to the bathroom and some people just need to be watched during the day why a loved one is off to work.

If you’re interested in something more substantial and not just a one time gig you may want to think about offering Nanny care, Tutoring, Elderly care, or Dog walking services through NANNYCARE. You can have a professional service like nannycare that offers to find you permanent work as a nanny. On the other side of spectrum you would use Care4hire if you would rather jobs like housekeeping, Pet sitting, elderly care or tutoring, but these service do come with a fee.

15. You can offer to wash someone’s clothes or clean their house. You can either offer your services to your friends and family or put out an ad on craigslist. I personally find The free classifieds to be a great means to making a fast buck!

16. Sell your old clothes or stuff you’ve never worn. Everyone has some clothes sitting in their closet they never wear or that don’t really fit them anymore. There are plenty of places online that buy used clothes if you just run a simple search. Here are some pretty good sites below I’ve gathered for you that you can sell your old clothing to.


17. Sell your cans. There are plenty of stores in your area that have recycling places that will buy your coke bottles, water bottles. beer cans and believe it or not they pay a lot for glass beer bottles or 40 oz’s of beer. If you have friends over after having a small party or get together, save your bottles!


18. Are you someone who works out regularly? You can offer to train someone and help them into shape for a certain time period for a flat fee or low rate. There are many people struggling with weight and would just love to have a partner to work out with or someone to motivate them.

19. Sell your jewelry.You don’t have to have huge diamond jewelry to make money. There’s a lot of places that will buy stuff like real silver or gold and some costume jewelry too if it’s in good enough condition.

20. Selling your hair can be quite lucrative. If you have past the shoulder hair length and don’t have too many split ends you can make some good money off of your locks. Hair goes anywhere from $100 to $4,000. You can get information at places like HairWork.com or HairSellon.com.

21. You can donate your sperm at places like www.nwcryobank.com if you’re a man and make some extra cash that way. You can also do price checks. there are a ton of other sperm banks around. They usually pay about $35-$100 per specimen. But there are requirements. You have to be between 20-40 years of age, healthy, drug free and they will ask you to submit an application to get approved. You have to take regular blood tests though if you expect to get paid.

22. You can donate your Eggs if you a woman you can earn anywhere from $5,000 – $8,000. If you’re seriously interested in looking into this you can find out much more information about it from sites or blogs like fertilitynation.com. This is a serious step and something to research heavily if you are considering it.

23. Sell your plasma (Blood) –  You can make between $40 – $60 per fusion and are allowed to return on a regular basis to donate more. Time in between is sometimes only 2 days.  Donating plasma really helps the sick too so you’d be also doing a great deed for the day!

24. Sell your bone marrow and get paid $3000. You have to pass some initial tests though like being in a specific weight category.Once you pass the criteria needed they make you an appointment for your first donation. MoreMarrowDonors.org is the place to go as they have outlawed selling marrow in some states but more marrow donors funds in in the way of a scholorship.

25. Sell your breast milk. Breast milk sells for $1-2/ounce. You can make up to $20K per year and a lot of people do this through sites like OnlyTheBreast.com. I breast fed my daughters when they were babies and I remember how much leftover milk I always had to pump. What a waste of milk. If I knew then what I know now, I would have considered making much better use of it.

26. Have a yard sale at your home and announce it through olx Free Classifieds. If you have an apartment then ask a friend or family member to do it at their home instead. Yard sales are always a great thing to do when you’re in need of extra cash. I can’t tell you how many I’ve had and things you may think are junk may very well be someone else’s treasure. You’d really be surprised.

27. Rent out a room. There’s a lot of people looking for a room to rent and if you don’t really want someone to live with you permanently then just sublet your room out on a month to month basis. If you’re really desperate you could stay at a friend or family member’s house for a while and sublet the whole place.

28. Perform clinical trials for different drug companies. There are a lot of drugs that are not yet on the market because they are still in testing. These companies need people that are willing to take these drugs so they can monitor the side effects if any. This could be dangerous too, so it’s wise to think about the pros and cons before agreeing to so something this serious. You can check into the website called CenterWatch.com. It is a reputable clearinghouse on the internet especially for these trials.

29. Sell your kidneys. This is a crazy idea but hey, I’m just throwing them out there for you. They pay up to a hefty $25,000. This is a serious, serious matter. Do your research!

30. Make $13K/Year Selling your Poop. Yes you read it right. They buy poop! You must be in super good health though to qualify. www.openbiome.org is a nonprofit organization that ships loads of poop all over the country in order to save lives. There’s a type of bacteria that causes extreme gastrointestinal distress called C. difficile.  For a sample of a healthy poop you can earn  $40 a sample, and if you come in five days a week you get a $50 bonus. That’s $250 /week of donations, or $13,000 a year.

31. Sell your old furniture at a consignment store. You can basically sell anything there. Some will also buy your old clothes, shoes, hats, pictures, mirrors or anything that’s decorative or can be worn. Any household items you have would most likely be up for bargaining.

32. Sell your wedding dress. This is where places like shopee would really come in handy. With Shopee you can basically sell anything you want. It’s like the Craigslist of mobile classifieds. They help you secure each transaction to avoid scams and just wasting time. This website has a ton of members just ready to buy your stuff. It’s 100% free and there’s no fees to use it. Once the buyer makes his offer for your item it gets locked in so you are guaranteed payment. Pretty cool to have access to.

33. Sell your services as a Freelance writer. You don’t have to be an expert writer to get paid for it. There are plenty of people who make money writing articles for blogs or websites about any topic you can think of. You can choose any category you want to write about and just integrate your own personality and life experience on that subject. There are plenty of websites out there that are hiring freelance writers to write articles such as hire-writers.com. They are always looking to hire freelancers.

34. Sell your review and get rewarded at places like I Love To Review or Amazon-Review-Club. This particular program is owned by Amazon and pays for reviews. Amazon has a lot of different services for buying different things but they rarely ever pay in cash though. They pay you in exchange for items from amazon which can be anything from lotions and creams to digital cameras. They also give gift cards or store credit too. You can  easily turn an Amazon item into cash by simply selling the items you bought. That is if you don’t want them.

35. Mow lawns for cash. Go for a drive around your neighborhood and look for houses with some overgrown grass and weeds. Even if they’re not overgrown, you never know. Just Knock on some doors and offer your services. You could offer to cut the grass, trim some trees or rake some leaves. Sometimes you could get lucky and maybe get someone who really needs help. I know a lot of single moms that don’t have a man around to do some of these manly things or sometimes people just work all the time and simply don’t have the time to spare.

36. Can you speak a second language? Even if you only know one language you can still sell your language abilities and qualify as a language teacher. italki is a site where you can become a teacher of any language and you set your own price.You can work out of your own home and basically choose your own hours. You simply teach through skype or you can use free voip software as well.

37. Sell your story and start your own fundraising campaign. You can do this at places like youcaring.com or gofundme.com. Although Go fund me is free they do take a 5% fee out of each donation you receive. Just make sure you read each sites terms carefully. With youcaring.com they are 100% free of charge, however when you receive payments it will be processed through a secure credit card processing company. The merchant charges 2.9%, plus $0.30 per transaction.

38. Can you decorate? Offer to decorate someone’s living room or bedroom. There’s actually a lot of people out there that have very little style and just don’t know how to put things together or color coordinate. I myself have a keen eye for design and have been asked by so many friends to help them decorate. I’ve even been offered money for it. My sister was also paid by an acquaintance of hers to redecorate her house. She got lucky and made a whopping $3000 off of the deal!

39. Run a public carwash.  With this one you will need some help and do some research to find a place to do it. Then get some friends together and set it up. If it’s too difficult you could always just offer to wash some friends or family members cars. You could go around the neighborhood and offer to wash their cars. Better yet, if you want to make more than 5 bucks you can offer to detail their car instead. This one may be worth a pretty penny and will be more of a desirable offer.

40. Paint someone’s house for cash. You can put an ad out in the pennysaver as a handy man or woman. You can offer to paint someone’s living room or bedroom. It doesn’t take that much skill to paint a room. All you have to do is know the basics. Buy a slanted head brush for the edges and lots of tape. Paint usually takes 2 coats to cover (Even if you buy one coat paint) get a roller, an extension for the roller and a paint tub. If you have a broom where the head screws off you could use that for the paint roller extension. The rest is a piece of cake!

That concludes my crazy list of selling things for cash! If you haven’t found anything worth doing, I hope it’s been at least entertaining for you.

For more ideas on how to make money visit 28-unique-ideas-to-earn-money

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